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The best Android tablet out there might be a $750 development platform with Samsung's dual-core Exynos, called Odroid-A

The best Android tablet out there might be a $750 development platform with Samsung's dual-core Exynos, called Odroid-A
No idea how they did it, but Hardkernel's Odroid-A seems the heck of a tablet for the $749 it will be sold for at the end of March. It might have something to do with the fact that this is a development platform, not for the mass market, but it still achieves awesomeness.

How does a 10" screen with the very high 768x1366 pixels of resolution and a transparent back sound? Pretty good, but bear in mind that Samsung also managed to spare and throw in some dual-core Exynos chipsets the manufacturer's way, so you can rest assured horse power won't be an issue.

Add an insanely large 9000mAh battery, USB and HDMI ports, 8GB of internal memory plus two microSD card slots, 9-axis motion sensor, front and rear cameras, plus a 4G 21Mbps HSPA + modem, and you can understand our excitement.

As shown in the video below, Samsung's dual-core Exynos chipset managed to do 2200+ on Quadrant, despite that the silicon had to power a large and high-res screen, which makes us question the Quadrant results we got with the Samsung Galaxy S II prototype and Exynos at the MWC Expo last month. Now we are more than certain Sammy might have kept the same file system that was the bottleneck in the first edition of the Samsung Galaxy S.

The Odroid-A actually has better specs than the best Android tablets out there, and it is listed at the price of $749. Considering that the Motorola XOOM started at $50 more, it makes us wonder about the magic the guys at Hardkernel managed to pull off.

Have a look at that transparent backside in the video below, plus this might be your only chance to see an Asian girl presenting an Android tablet in a red lumberjack shirt. The only downside seems to be that the Odroid-A is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread for now.

source: Hardkernel, ARMDevices via Engadget


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