The all-new Nokia phones might not arrive in the UK until May

Nokia fans must be very excited about the new lineup of phones announced by HMD Global last month at Mobile World Congress (MWC). Unfortunately, the new Nokia 3310, along with all the smartphones introduced in late February might not be launched on the market until May, at least in some countries.

Although many retailers have already opened up pre-registrations for Nokia's new lineup of phones, they are not providing customers with a launch date for neither of these new devices. As some of you might already know, Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and the Nokia 3310 are now up for pre-order in the Netherlands.

In the UK, there are already a couple of retailers that have listed the phones, and some even provide an estimated arrival date. For example, major retailer Clove has all three Nokia smartphones listed on its online store, but customers can't yet pre-order them yet.

The interesting fact is Clove claims the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 smartphones, alongside the Nokia 3310 feature phone, will hit the shelves sometime in May. On the other hand, Nokia 6's faith in the UK has already been decided, as Carphone Warehouse is the exclusive seller of the smartphone.

However, this seems to be a limited time exclusivity since Clove says the Nokia 6 will be available for purchase through its official channels in June. Keep in mind though that the Nokia 6 might still be launched in the UK in May, but it will only be available at Carphone Warehouse, probably for about a month.

source: Clove via NPU


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