The Samsung Galaxy Lite I5700 available in more colors, gets delayed until 2010?

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The Samsung Galaxy Lite I5700 available in more colors, gets delayed until 2010?
The saga of the second Android-based handset by Samsung, the Galaxy Lite I5700, continues. Earlier this month we showed you the first detailed pictures and a video of a device that sported a flashy green back. We also told you it would roll out October 2009.

The new images of the Samsung Galaxy Lite I5700 reveal its new, white (with a touch of green) and black (tinge of orange) attire. Personally, we don´t really like the overly shiny green version and we believe the broad public will probably find the newest (and more austere) colour solutions more appealing. We, however, don´t like the other part of the news about the cell phone. According to Dial-a-Phone, the second Android-powered device by Samsung will be probably delayed until 2010 and we can almost hear the murmur of discontent coming from devoted fans of the Google-made operating system. Still, the source also mentions one of our favourite words, "TouchWiz" interface. Perhaps, it´s the personalization of the interface that´s the major reason behind the possible delay of the Samsung Galaxy Lite I5700. What we do now is that all prototypes of the handset run a "pure" version of the OS. What would you rather go for? Android that has not been tampered with and available in several weeks or highly personalized interface that comes with a substantial market launch delay? Sound off your opinion in the comments below. 

source: Dial-a-Phone via SamsungHub


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