The Palm Pixi won´t be spreading its wings on 20 October?

This article contains unofficial information.
The Palm Pixi won´t be spreading its wings on 20 October?
Last week there were several rumours going that the Palm Pixi would be released on 20 October through Sprint. Engadget now claims, however, they have information from a credible source and it says the indicated date is not accurate... and that´s that, end of news. No other deadline has been mentioned, no assumptions, no any additional details. We do hope the handset will get released this year and won´t be delayed until 2010 as the previous rumours floating about prior to the official announcement had it. 

Palm Pixi Specifications

source: Engadget


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1. realism121

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gotta love phonearena...they cant even get the name of the carrier correct on the main page next to the thumb for this article. it's SPRINT, not SPRING

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