Palm Eos delayed until 2010, sales of the Pre on the fall

Palm Eos delayed until 2010, sales of the Pre on the fall
The Pre kick-started the Palm´s big comeback in the big game at the beginning of July, but sales of the handset have plummeted recently as figures suggest. According to Ilya Grozovsky, cell phone market analyst, only 100,000 units were sold in July, which is nearly 50% decrease in total sales. The result seems quite logical though, given the Palm Pre is available through the American carrier Sprint only. This is actually good news, since it´s quite likely that we end up with its price following suit and getting slashed to invigorate the shrinking sales of the smartphone.

Rolling out a cell phone aimed for people on the budget presents another viable option for stabilizing the financial health of the manufacturer and we mean the much-anticipated Eos (also known as the Pixie). According to Ilya Grozovsky, this won´t happen by the end of the year, although no particular reason has been stated. He simply claims the Eos will roll out in 2010 through AT&T and it´s arch-rival will be non other than the iPhone 3G itself that you can have now for as much as $99 if you sign up for a contract. More carriers are expected to offer the Pre next year and who knows... 2010 may as well turn out to be the year of the Palm.

source: Electronista

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