The OnePlus One receives a substantial update – RAW image format, high-quality audio playback, more

The OnePlus One receives a substantial update – RAW shooting format, high-quality audio playback,
The OnePlus One is by no means long in the tooth, and it looks like the company is constantly adding new features and improves the overall feature bag of the 5.5” OnePlus One. It was announced that an OTA update for your device of choice is rolling out today, which will not only give the cold shoulder to a surplus of performance bugs and issues, but will also add some pretty nice improvements to the device's stock CyanogenMod 11S (38R) firmware.

Thanks to the update, the camera of the device can now shoot in RAW format, which will most probably make those photography enthusiasts that own a OnePlus One happier than usual. The overall responsiveness of the touchscreen will also be affected in a rather positive way, but arguably the most important among the improvements that the update totes is the improved battery life. A new lockscreen and an ANT+ support also arrive aboard.

Audiophiles have not been forgotten – the firmware update also endows the OnePlus One with improved audio-playback capabilities. The device will now play 24-bit, 96KHz/192KHz high-quality "*.flac", "*.alac", and "*.wav" audio files without resampling them, thus keeping the original quality of said tracks intact.

And here's the remainder of the improvements that the update flaunts:

  • Added method for users to report bugs directly to Cyanogen.
  • Added pause button during video recording.
  • Fixed issues with camera exposure compensation stuck in ‘auto’.
  • Fixed issues with ‘4G Preferred’ option not connecting to 3G data.
  • Fixed issues with delay in torch activation.
  • Fixed issues with unresponsive screen requiring reboot.
  • Fixed issues with static in speaker when changing volume while headset plugged in.
  • Fixed issues with rotation not triggering when rotated slowly.
  • Fixed issues with Quiet Hours / system UI causing battery drain on last day of month.
  • Fixed issues with camera not starting when LED torch is already on.
  • Fixed issues with Bluetooth volume low on connection.
The update is already rolling out, so it should hit your OnePlus One pretty soon. Share your thoughts about it in the comments section right below of you have already received it!

source: OnePlus via Android Central

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