The LG G4 dismantled, outs itself as the easiest Android flagship to repair

The LG G4 dismantled, outs itself as the easiest Android flagship to repair
Not long after its retail release, the LG G4 has already found itself on the disassembly table. This time it's not the crack team at iFixit, though, but another artisan handling the tools and weapons involved. 

Once the first cut is made — removing the back panel, battery, and twisting off a set of screws — the LG G4 exposes itself as one of the simplest top-shelf smartphones to repair. With the bulk of its Android portfolio, LG has always been about more simplicity rather than flashy design, which the LG G4 shows once again. 

Although the phone's motherboard is laid out very clearly, it is also rich in components that are neatly stacked together. In fact, it's hard to imagine the LG G4 being any smaller than it is, seeing how many electronic components are snugly fit inside. LG knew what it was doing, as there's no messy wiring, excess adhesive or copper shielding in sight here - just solid engineering work.

If your LG G4 ever gets in trouble, you should expect reasonable repair costs. According to the source, maintenance costs are relatively low, and the cost of replacing them won't be too high. As usual, the screen is the most expensive part to replace, but no prices have been cited so far.

With all said and done, eyeball the LG G4's bare internals in appreciation of a dismantle job well done.

source: MyDrivers (Translated) via Android Headlines

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I have no idea why this was so funny but it had me pissing my self...

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maybe you have bladder problems.

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maybe he's an alien

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He's clearly a birds.

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He damn i always think he was a woman but it's a man when i look closer and I'm not Kidding.

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lol win!

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One more point for LG

13. hound.master

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What's that cart below the battery in the last pic? Pic 22.

15. Slammer

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This is my point in SAS(Service After Sale). We should not be slave to service centers for every little issue. Needless insurance claims and high cost repairs should not be a prerequisite. The consumer should be able to have a certain amount of control over their device. Being able to service their own, is plus for the consumer. It helps keep the money out of the hands of corporate greed and gives power to the owner of said device. Not giving the control to the industry. John B.

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It was expected from LG ^_^

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Good LG.

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