The HTC Tattoo is not getting Éclair...

The HTC Tattoo is not getting Éclair...
Last week we saw information that the HTC Tattoo was getting an update to Android 2.1. Frankly, we were utterly surprised at the news, since the Tattoo is just an ordinary, entry level Android handset. Ultimately, we decided to check with HTC and get a clear answer to the question.

The Taiwanese company replied promptly and informed us they „are not planning to release an Éclair update for the HTC Tattoo”. Cool! Thanks a lot, now it´s all perfectly clear... Hey, wait a minute?! Éclair is the codename for Android 2.0, while version 2.1 is known as "the Flan". HTC probably meant there wouldn´t be such an update either, but since that was not clearly stated... well, hope springs eternal. It´s possible that the information we came across last week had been erroneously translated or flat out incorrect (the quoted source was a French website). It´s not unlikely that HTC is dying to send us on a wild goose chase, while planning to catch us off guard with a Flan update for the HTC Tattoo next week. Actually, we find the latter option more appealing.

By the way, there is another possible explanation, that we are unwilling victims of Google´s innovative corporate idea to name Android versions after sugary titbits of food.

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source: HTC

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