HTC says that the Tattoo will be getting the Android 2.1 love

HTC says that the Tattoo will be getting the Android 2.1 love
Putting the HTC Tattoo side-by-side with the HTC Nexus One will really make anyone realize at how they target two ends of the extreme spectrum of the market. On one side you've got this souped up high-end smartphone that gadget lovers dream about in their sleep, while on the other you see one that's there for someone who doesn't want to spend a fortune in moving up to a smartphone. From the looks of it though, the HTC Tattoo with its less than over-imposing specs, is going to see the latest Android 2.1 update down the road. HTC said in a statement, “Kindly note that now we understand that a phone running Android OS 2.1 is available that you are excited to get an update for your Tattoo. We are still working hard to Sense for building this new version but we expect to have the upgrade finished and ready to go soon. Please understand that it takes time to customize any Android release to Ensure You Have The Sense provides intuitive experience, and we hope you can be patient for just a little while longer.” This goes to show how much more time is required if a handset does not offer the stock Google experience out of the box – assuming that it's the price to pay for owners who prefer a customized experience. Nonetheless, HTC Tattoo owners can really stick it to some of its higher end counterparts when Android 2.1 makes its arrival.

HTC Tattoo Specifications | Review

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