The Essential Phone is unreasonably difficult to repair, close to impossible

The Essential Phone is unreasonably difficult to repair, close to impossible
When Andy Rubin announced its start-up will launch an Android smartphone called Essential Phone, many have been reluctant that the device will find its place among the flagships launched by more experience and tradition in the industry.

After a couple of missed deadlines, it became clear that the Essential Phone was not ready for prime time. Now that the smartphone is shipping to those who placed pre-orders, people are probably wondering whether or not to purchase it.

At first glance, the Essential Phone looks like an unusual device, but not necessarily in a bad way. But how easy would be for someone to repair the smartphone in case of issues?

The fine folks at iFixit have torn down the Essential Phone and their findings are not encouraging at all. Before going into details, let's mention Essential's smartphone scored 1 out of 10 on the repairability scale, which means it's almost impossible to fix.

First off, “due to nearly invisible seams and copious adhesive, any attempt at repair is likely to inflict as much damage as it fixes.” Basically, the smartphone is extremely hard to open, which may lead to damages to the chassis.

Moreover, the USB-C port is attached directly to the motherboard, and because of the lack of headphone jack, people will most likely use it quite a lot, thus wearing it out faster than it should.

Furthermore, the 8-megapixel front-facing camera is placed on the same module as the earpiece speaker. Finally, the battery is hardly accessible, so it will almost impossible to replace in case of need. You can find more details about the Essential Phone's teardown at the link below.

source: iFixit

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