The Divide app for Android separates your work and personal lives

The Divide app for Android separates your work and personal lives
Do you remember when all the real business professionals had two phones? One device for work, and one for their personal life. Thankfully, for both our sense of style and our sanity, that's no longer the norm. Divide is a new app from Enterproid that will 'divide' your Android (2.2+) device into two distinct work and personal profiles.

In the personal environment, you can store all your fun apps and personal messages. To switch to the business profile, you must enter a password. Within that business profile, all your work and information is fully encrypted, and compliant with your finicky IT department.

The work profile enables full flash encryption, safeguarding your email, contacts, and calendar. Additionally, no app downloaded to the work profile can read your other data. And to give you further peace of mind, none of the info from your personal profile can be accessed by your employer.

In addition to dividing your profiles, you can also remotely manage either the work or personal profile from Enterproid's website. That way, you can locate, wipe, or view usage reports from your device, without needing the assistance of your IT department.

If more members of your company adopt Divide, the IT administrators can also manage the business profiles therein with a fleet-management console. To reiterate, the administrators will still not be able to access any info from your personal profile. You can join the closed beta of Divide by following the Enterproid link below.

source: Enterproid via PCMag



1. N.Reynolds

Posts: 257; Member since: Feb 15, 2011

That's a really cool idea. This should definitely help androids be adopted into the business world.

2. justinricks5 unregistered

HTC has that for so long....its called can have up to as many scenes as you want.

3. ILikeBubbles

Posts: 525; Member since: Jan 17, 2011

idk about Scenes... they don't encrypt or require a password like this app does... although it does seem similar i don't think that they would have been 'secure' enough for businesses to appreciate with sensitive information flying around....

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