The Bold is finally coming to AT&T

The Bold is finally coming to AT&T
Despite winning FCC approval in July and coming to market in early August, the BlackBerry Bold has seen many, many, many, many, many, many delays here in the States.  well the wait is finally over, and AT&T users will be able to get their hands on Rim's latest (well, not really) device on November 4th.  In case you've forgotten, and we can't blame you if you have, the Bold not only gets a sleek- dare we say iPhoneish- makeover but also brings BlackBerry OS 4.6 to the table, which promises a much prettier user interface to go along with many enhancements including better web browsing.  Only time will tell if if was worth the wait, but you'll have to part with $299.99 and sign your wireless freedom away for two years to find out.

RIM BlackBerry Bold Specifications

Source: AT&T



1. cartman unregistered

Better late than never. Hope T-Mobile gets a version for themselves too. (Like UMTS 1700 and UMTS 2100)

2. Zook unregistered

I am excited!

3. vzw fanboy unregistered

it does look like a nice stylish phone, i think it looks better than the curve. but how come they wouldnt go with an all touchscreen blackberry to compete with the upcoming storm? jw

4. unregistered

Blackberry Storm for Verizon is still better :) Great device and on an actual reliable network

5. unregistered

there is no way the storm is maybe can be argued about the network

6. unregistered

hey cant you all just stop the who is better . Just buy what you want...who cares

9. unregistered

i would say its "better" because it has extra features such as a 3.2 megapixel vs 2 or the fact that the storm comes with the extra 8 gig card, not to mention the noise reduction... but all in all is like comparing elite sports cars... one may be better but they both will rock... att has the iphone which is a great phone and now verizon has the storm which should be better and Im sure in a year something even better will be out...

10. unregistered

You are right about something comming out better. Just read an article that in April or May of 2009, a touchscreen Bold as well as a Strom for the US 3G market will be availible. This of course means ATT will have both the Storm, the I Phone as well any other touch screen phones that will be out. Lets face it by next summer almost every phone will be a touch screen. As much as everyone bags on ATT's network, looking forward to the the day the argument will be mute. Maybe not today but soon, very soon. From their stand point, they have no choice. What good is having all these high end phones and not having the netwok to back it up.

11. unregistered sure that was a reliable source too.

7. unregistered

how would you know which is better neither are out?

8. unregistered

That's legit...

12. unregistered

Well i recently was on the Bold @the BB training it was Awesome I think its fine just the way it is as for the Storm maybe someday soon I can learn more about it and actually interact with it

13. unregistered

AT&T is getting the Storm with the proper US bands sometime early next year. My buddy who works at AT&T HQ in Atlanta said that RIM sent them a couple pre-release units for field testing, hopefully everything passes and we'll see it released.

14. unregistered

there is literally no carrier in the world that rim wants to deal with less than att right now. the bold was atts idea, but rim didnt want to do it because of the storm. of course att didnt know about that, and pushed rim into releasing this shitstorm which has killed rims reputation. the storm will most definitely never come to att officially, and the rim/att relationship is seriously strained right now. your buddy is full of ****.

15. unregistered

That is one of the stupidest comments I've ever seen. Why would RIM not want to deal with AT&T? They're the largest Blackberry provider in the US. And the Bold is a product of RIM, they developed it. If it was AT&T's idea then it would had been out on AT&T a while ago and no one else would had gotten it. Typical Verizon fanboy.

16. unregistered


17. unregistered

Its a Verizon/ vodafone/rogers exclusive..... You will not see an ATT storm until the Iphone is available to other carries or its become old news and verizon doesnt care to pay for it anymore. Of coarse RIM would show ATT what they could do... Why Not? Then ATT offers money then Verizon Counters to make is exclusive longer and RIM makes more money... Given that verizon lost more customer than any other carrier to att because of the Iphone there is no way Verizon would let it in to their hands...Now that all dependant on Verizon selling enough devices... ATT pays out the nose for Iphone and so will verizon for the storm..

19. unregistered

They have a 6 month exclusivity contract. Similar to what Sprint did with the Touch Diamond.

21. unregistered

if you have proof i would love to see it because everything i have read says verizon has it unless sales fall to low... it isnt really a verizon vs att thing... its a vodaphone vs att.. you know the second largest carrier in the WORLD.... maybe the cdma isnt the best for them here but having vodaphone pushing their product is priceless...

22. unregistered

Right ... that's why the Bold was released in Europe a few months BEFORE it ever hits AT&T. Try again.

18. unregistered

When it comes to typing emails and editing documents the BOLD wins hands down. Using a touch screen for these tasks is just impractical.

20. unregistered

No i was talking to my data rep today and she said that it is only exclusive to us as long as we keep the sales going for this phone

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