BlackBerry Bold is here. Well, not here here...

BlackBerry Bold is here. Well, not here here...
Quick...who is the first carrier to offer the highly anticipated BlackBerry Bold?  Vodafone?  AT&T? O2?  Nope, the answer would be Chilean carrier Movistar.  Say what?  At ~$588 on contract it's not exactly cheap, but worldwide exclusivity has its price!

BlackBerry Bold Specifications

source: Engadget Mobile



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3. unregistered

cant wait for the thunder cause this thing is disgusting

4. unregistered

wtf? how many are they going to sell in chile for THAT price? Two, three? Come the *&^# on, I want it in the US and I want it now!

5. unregistered

...Chile? Really?

6. unregistered

What the hell?!? Why Chile???

7. unregistered

when AT&T gonna have it??????????

8. unregistered

I work for the customer care department of one of the major wireless carriers. Please, when this thing comes to the US, do not buy it. In fact, never buy a blackberry. Any of them. Unless you have a crush on someone in the warranty exchange department, of course. Then buy one. You'll be speaking to them a lot.

9. unregistered

You have no idea what you are talking about. The phone has not even been launched yet in the US

10. unregistered

... Blackberry's are great devices and have never failed me once any of them. But thats ok you can stick with your iPhone.

11. unregistered

Way to support your carrier. "Don't buy our stuff cuz it sucks" Be sure to have your resume polished up so it's ready when they lay you off due to slower sales and call center requirements. These guys pay your bills and put food on your table. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Especially don't bite the hands of your fellow employees who work for months to try and resolve most of the issues before the device even makes it to market. I have to say it but you are the low man on the totem pole in a carrier. Call centers, while valuable and necessary are usually the last to know or understand all that goes into launching a product. It takes months of effort on the part of many people who have as much an interest in seeing a quality product go out the door as you do. When you have your MBA and can understand the nature of business and how everything is not as simple as "Does it suck" come back re-read your comments with a different perspective and you will understand. In the meantime, Blackberry devices have a solid reputation for dependability and durability. Sure there are some issues every now and then but name me one device that can compete with Backberry for functionality in the business world. Blackberries are solid devices and are purpose built. If you just need a phone for making calls then a Blackberry is probably not the device for you. However, if you work for a corporation or have your own business where keeping in touch is a primary concern and the ability to access email on the go is critical, then a Blackberry device is for you. * I do not work for RIM or Blackberry.

16. unregistered

Thats an awesome comment back and your exactly right. Blackberry (RIM) know their stuff and I have never seen them come out with something thats bad. Love it and I sell the heck out of them. (retail sales)

17. C-Chicki unregistered

What crack are you smoking? To put it rather bluntly. 11. That was wonderfully put. I am still shocked from #6. You must have completely pulled that outta the air man..

12. jrcrow unregistered

lol..I have been a customer w/my wife since March on my 3rd BB replacement..curve and my wife got her 2nd replacement..just weird I think for a phone that isnt sapposed to fail in many cases..meh..we're happy for now...I think after 2yrs we will change to tmobile. E

14. unregistered

You do realize that Tmobile doesn't make phones right? The supply a service for the phones. Just like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, Alltel and the other guys. RIM makes the phones, if you buy a Curve for Verizon, its not going to be made better than one for Sprint. It may have a little different carrier specific features on it, but its the same phone.

13. unregistered

this is lies, probably pre-order or somting

15. RIMrules unregistered

RIM make superior phones... nuff said.

18. unregistered

Germany is next. Available through t-mobile ( since yesterday august 6th... I'm in Holland and still waiting...

19. LWalker unregistered

This is beautiful... We've got grown men (I think) arguing about a product that isn't even out yet. I've owned a ton of phones, as I'm sure everyones else here has. I'm not going to lie, I'm a phone junkie. I'm with AT&T and I can't really fullffill my fix. Let's be honest look at the specs. I'm only buying this phone for 4 reasons, #1. Not an IPhone, #2. 3.5mm headphone jack, #3. Wi-Fi, and #4. GPS. There aren't many phones that have those options, and the ones that do aren't sexy at all. Sorry but I don't have a prob with BB yeah some have failed but so has many many others. Get use to it people, you'll never find a phone that has zero problems.

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