Launch delay of BlackBerry Bold causes cancellation of AT&T product training

Launch delay of BlackBerry Bold causes cancellation of AT&T product training
The BlackBerry Bold drama continues! Boy Genius Report has obtained information stating that AT&T's version of the BlackBerry Bold has been pushed back yet again, and training will be canceled as a result. According to the tipster, the phone was scheduled for launch on October 2nd, followed by AT&T product training on October 7th. The information states that the phone has been delayed due to the operating system, however it is a bit strange, considering that several carriers have launched the device across several countries without problem. Launch parties are scheduled for mid-October, so we imagine it will launch sooner or later. At this point, it's all a guessing game!

The following is the e-mail that was sent to BGR:

As you are aware, with the anticipated launch of the 3G AT&T BlackBerry Bold, RIM has committed to hold training sessions in over 40 cities. A large number of these sessions were to take place this and next week. Due to the continued uncertainty of the device launch date, we will work with RIM to reschedule these sessions to a later date. Any representatives that have registered will be informed by email of the schedule change. No action is required from your part.

Rescheduling the training to align with a final technical acceptance for BlackBerry Bold launch will ensure that:

a) the training material can cover all the feature functionality that will be on this device at launch (at this time we don’t have clarity on the status of all features).

b) handouts can be given to Dealers to reinforce the material covered

c) we will be able to provide attendees with a general availability date

c) the delivery of the material will be within one - two weeks of launch to ensure content retention and ability to practice what they learn in the field

d) the desired 30 person per session registration/attendance is achieved (training in the last week of a sales month at the end of a sales quarter should be avoided if possible)

Please let me know if any questions.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Source: BGR



1. cartmanez unregistered

Is ATT trying to modify the OS? Is that why they're late(or getting even later)?

2. ghost face unregistered

i think the reason for the delay is because of the speculation of the lanuch date of the storm. I think they want to take away some of the storms thunder!! sounds like a good marketing idea. we shall see.

3. Na2 unregistered

The reason the Bold is going to be delayed is due to the problems with the iphone...the iphone is already creating problems on the at&t network...the release of the bold would only complicate these problems...

4. unregistered

seriously? what can the bold take away from the storm?

7. unregistered

Yea lots of idiot comments here, get with it people. Because of the iPhone?!?!? You people are hilarious!!!!!!!!

8. unregistered

uhhhhhhhh the storm is nothing more than a touchscreen curve.

10. JDub005 unregistered

Are you kidding me!!! The storm is a touch screen curve.... Umm First hit yourself in the face for saying that!, It is a world 3g phone, curve is not, it has a 3.2 MP camera, curve doesnt not, The screen clarity rivals that of the iphone,... Prob better you keep your name anonymous so I can't clown you further

12. unregistered

And the Bold is nothing more than a curve with a different case. As for me, I'll choose the touchscreen as the more advanced option

5. unregistered

you are comparing a dressed up Curve to the storm... and u think its going to take away sales? ha!

6. Daveberry81 unregistered

bring the bold to vzw then too. the network is ready to go!

9. Big Moe unregistered

Unlike At&t, Verizon Wireless makes sure that its release dates are met. Further lets me know that either At&t is not reliable or At&t is having more problems than we think....Go VZW!!!

11. unregistered

Here's another view: Is it possible that the phone's release is getting set back do to the credit crunch? People right now are far less likely to go out and buy this devise right now or is it that ATT can't get the funding to purchase a large enough shipment to do a national launch. Is this possible?

13. unregistered

The iphone is hogging all of the resources because the idiots at Apple don't understand compression. Just Google it. You'll find articles all over the internet commenting on the fact that the Big Blue Ball network is damn near maxed out because of the iphone. That's what they get for bending over to Apple. Here boys! Here's another hole for you to have! Good luck to everyone at AT&T on the day you sell that one iphone that causes your whole damn network to shut down. Everyone on Verizon will be laughing at you for a long time.

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