AT&T BlackBerry Bold still in testing, according to RIM

AT&T BlackBerry Bold still in testing, according to RIM
In the intense news surrounding the launch of the BlackBerry Bold on AT&T, RIM wants everyone to be absolutely sure that they're not the culprit. RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis said Thursday that the phone is still in the test phase with AT&T, and hinted that they wanted to spend additional time to test it, primarily to ensure that it doesn't face the same problems that the iPhone 3G did. Though the phone is available in certain markets, it is not yet available in the United States.

Lazaridis, in a statement to The Associated Press, explained AT&T's testing process. "There's great scrutiny, as you might know, on that network and a certain device. So I guess everyone wants to be sure on every last test."  In an additional statement, he said that he wasn't concerned about any launch difficulties.  "We're very meticulous about what our product does," he said.

AT&T, as usual, didn't say much.  Company spokesman Mark Siegel would not confirm that the Bold was still in testing, but would only confirm that it would come out this year.

Source: Yahoo Finance via BGR



1. unregistered

att is a great company with a great line of products, but there 3g network just isnt that reliable or efficient.

2. unregistered

Hmm...Well, that's annoying.

3. JDubReno005 unregistered

ATT a great company..... eh maybe..... The 3G is sporadic at best!!... Yet another reason to go to VZW!!! (Oh and the Blackberry Storm we all know kills the bold)

4. hekidnappedher unregistered

The Storm kills the bold?? It has a click-touchscreen, and it's the first of its kind. Let's wait until the products release before we decide which one's better. Maybe you mean, it looks and sounds like its going to kill the Bold. The more of a believeable statement even though its an opinion.

8. unregistered

I couldn't agree with you more, but as long as this site is filled with VZW fanboys and salespeople, this kind of thing will continue. 99% of these guys haven't even had a Storm in their hands yet and it's already the best Blackberry ever. It kills the Bold and the iphone hands down. The crazy thing is it is quite possible that the Storm WILL be that good, but to claim it is at this point destroys your credibility among anyone with half a brain.

11. JdubReno005 unregistered

First off..... Shut up cause your wrong. Second I have the storm right now in my hand. It is amazing. I never refered to the iphone you twit. I can't stand people who use this forum just to trash on VZW. Ask JD power assoc. about VZW compared to att. Enough said Truley though the storm is sweet, and you will agree once you have had one in hand.

13. JDubReno005 unregistered

Oh and by the way RIM was not planning on making a 3G blackberry for att due to there 3G issues (See iphone problems) But as we all know money talks. So we wonder why the bold has been delayed some many times... (not on rogers or other international carriers of course) ITS ATT! not that hard to grasp.

23. unregistered

you're a VZW fanboy get over it

31. Hlorri

Posts: 40; Member since: May 07, 2008

There is a GSM/UMTS version of the Storm (9500) coming also. Given the UMTS (3G) bands (850/1900/2100), it seems to be destined for AT&T (plus international). About Verizon vs. AT&T - I used to have Verizon back in the "dark old days" when I was simply an ignorant consumer. For one thing, the more you know about cellular phones and service, the more likely you are to use a GSM provider (AT&T or T-Mobile); but even before I fully appreciated these differences, I was fed up with various aspects of VZWs operations. For one thing, compare unlimited internet access: With AT&T (using my unlocked Nokia N95) is $15/month; with Verizon it is more like $50. Plus, it is not really the same "internet", since with Verizon you can only use crippled devices that don't allow you to run things like, say, 3rd party applications such as Nokia Internet Radio, Nokia Maps, etc... Any GSM (+UMTS) network will give you much more freedom than what you have with either Verizon, Alltel, Sprint, etc..

34. att rep unregistered

well im friends w a rim rep taht works in my area and ive played w the storm and the bold...lemme tell u the STORM BLOWSSSSSSSSSSSS its the worst attempt at a touchscreen device ive ever seen...the touch on the voyager is better and that one was terrible so before u go posting rediculous stuff to make ur self feel better get ur info str moron

5. unregistered

maybe at&t is trying to lockdown things and try to make more money like verizon with their software. iono.

6. woot unregistered

Maybe AT&T is trying to hold off on releasing the BOLD until VZW releases the steal some of its thunder (wow, pun not intended). Both devices are so different, I don't think it would be fair to compare them as equals - do we compare the Curve to the iPhone? I think the Bold will appeal to the traditional, business-minded Blackberry users and the Storm will appeal more to the consumer users (ie existing Pearl and iPhone?). Just my 2 cents...either way, both will be flippin great!

35. att rep unregistered

the reason that the bold isnt relesased yet is because RIM is perfectionists...they downt wanna release a product that sucks hense the iphone...look what happened when apple didnt push their release back and just threw it out without really testing it the thing blowssss now that the new software is out its better and as soon as the bold is relaeased it will be sickkk

7. OJ will DIE IN PRISON unregistered

ATT failed to deliver on their promises to improve their 3g coverage area before the launch and now they are scrambling to get their act together before VZW releases the first true I Phone competition with the BB Storm. VZW has the upper hand in the 3g coverage obviously and ATT made no improvements on their end to justify making this device exclusive for so many months on their network since consumers will soon find out how a TRUE 3G network works on a BB. Trust me, this is far from over. ATT is about to lose their exclsuivity on their precious I Phone as well, VZW is indeed working with Apple to produce a CDMA I Phone , scheduled to release in 2nd quarter 2009.

9. unregistered

Could very well be a CDMA iphone if VZW doesn't mind allowing their customers to use itunes instead of their music services. It WOULD be fun to watch all the VZW fan boys who have been trashing the iphone since it came out suddenly reverse their point of view.

10. unregistered

Don't forget that VZW will also have to lock out the wi-fi and GPS... it wouldn't be a VZW phone unless half of it's functions are crippled to force you use all of their pay services!

12. JDubReno005 unregistered

Here we go again... Vzw peeps don't trash the apple, we trash att. I love apple. I just loathe att.

14. unregistered

You really are as ignorant as you seem. Its you idiotic fanboys who make me want to switch to Att from Vzw just to piss you off.

18. VDubCarsonCity007.5 unregistered

I agree he is quite annoying.

21. unregistered

then switch see you back on the network in 30 days i did it 3 weeks later sold my iphone cause it sucked not the phone i loved the phone but not the network although i did like that my minutes would roll over but whats the sense when you cant get service to use them

25. yoyoyo unregistered

i guess you don't read much, considering Verizon did NOT and i repeat did NOT cripple the GPS on the storm, it is fully unlocked GPS, that even includes a-GPS, so please understand what your talking about before you start the trash talk!

26. vzw fanboy unregistered

haha lol, im not even posting yet and there is this much fighting lol.

15. cartman unregistered

Why do VZW folks trash AT&T, AT&T folks trash VZW? Bottomline, they're the same company, in a sense, providing the same service. AT&T only has 3G coverage in cities, VZW provides 3G coverage only in cities (you want proof, go to coverage map, and click VCast mobile TV or Prepay, and it will tell you true VZW coverage that the company owns, not roaming). Pisses me off when people diss this company or that company. Every cell phone company has some holes in their coverage, cuz it would bankrupt them if they had to provide perfect 3G coverage in every square inch of the country [Cost-benefit analysis anybody?]. AT&T is better in one place, while VZW is better in another. So, for a guy from Oklahoma [City], better to go with AT&T, cuz Verizon "does not provide service in that area" (that's from their website), which seems to contradict what they claim from their coverage map, blanketing the whole state. [And don't diss OK either, all you fellas rush to that state when there's oil, and walk way and diss when you use it all up].

19. JDubReno005 unregistered

Haha this is too funny. I really don't care at all. I just really enjoy shaking things up just to see your reactions. :) mission accomplished

20. cartman unregistered

happy to help.

16. Ceez unregistered

Who cares? the Bold will be grat and the Storm as well. I feel the Storm will be better and we all know it will be better then the iphone. For does who dont know Apple first went to Verizon with the Iphone and sence they wanted to much control over everything Verizon said no and used ATT as a SECOND choise. It really does not matter because the storm will be better and because in 2009 the iphone is coming to Verizon anyway. and in closing Verizon is the best but they are expensive and they do criple most phones but they still work better then any ATT, Tmobile or definitely Sprint!

17. Ceez unregistered

Also Verizon just purchased ALLTEL that makes the coverage EVEN BETTER then it is and specially even in rural areas of the U.S.A

22. unregistered

i get like 2 bars on my vzw phone in my house my wifess att phone is searching for service and my friends alltell phone gets full service i cant wait till they takeover and i get full service in my house but wait i still get 3g service here in southern alabama my wifes att phone dosent even know what 3g is lol

24. harper unregistered

doenst make sense that they are still testing this phone. i know a couple of people who have the bold already because they work for a company who tests these kinds of products and they said everything seems to be fine. dont know what the delay is

27. vzw fanboy unregistered

maybe because they want to see what the storm has to offer so they can copy it! if i had gayt&t i would take the bold over the iphone anyday

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