The Backbone One gaming controller is coming to Android

The Backbone One gaming controller is coming to Android
Gaming on a smartphone can be a frustrating experience, especially when you need precision and tactile feedback. That’s why gaming controllers exist, and now one of the best iPhone controllers is coming to Android.

Backbone one is the brainchild of a small start-up company called Backbone Labs. The controller made headlines last year when it launched for iOS devices. Backbone one was praised for its design and features - from the 3.5mm audio jack to the ergonomic L1 and R1 shoulder buttons.

Starting Saturday, the One will support a much broader range of devices, including Android phones but there’s a catch. To use this controller with non-iOS devices you need a Lightning-to-USB cable, and furthermore - a paid Backbone Plus subscription to set the controller up.

The subscription service costs $49 a year and comes with some neat features. You can stream your gaming prowess directly to Twitch from the Backbone app. There’s also the option to record high-framerate videos on iOS15 devices (1080p 60fps). The Backbone One costs $100, and there’s an ongoing promotion - every newly registered user can enjoy a free Backbone Plus subscription.

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