Texas Instruments demonstrates OMAP 5 reference hardware, says it's the "greatest platform on Earth"

Texas Instruments demonstrates OMAP 5 reference hardware, says it's "greatest platform on Earth"
Texas Instruments finally showed a reference design hardware powered by its upcoming OMAP 5 platform. The chipset is expected to land in a device or two come Q4 of this year, with the beginning of 2013 registering much more product announcements with it, as per TI's management.

The dual-core GPU has been decoding 1080p content at 64fps, and can go up to 130fps, if not for the LCD screen refresh limits.

The OMAP 5 processor is so efficient and powerful, that, in fact, TI plans to have it in ultrabooks, along with Windows 8 tablets, of course. Texas Instrument's VP Remi El-Ouazzane had the following to say regarding the Cortex-A15 platform:

Easy there, Tiger. TI is currently flying high on the fact that Google chose its OMAP family as a reference chipset for Android Ice Cream Sandwich, so more and more manufacturers started to put TI silicon inside their smartphones and tablets.

Of course, by the time OMAP 5 hits shelves in devices, it will have to battle Samsung's own Exynos Cortex-A15 chips, Qualcomm's S4, Apple's A6, and NVIDIA's Wayne, so time will tell which one will destroy the benchmarks, or have the best power consumption/performance ratio.

source: Engadget

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