Test shows that cellphone users think clearer and are more confident with their phone within reach

Test shows that cellphone users think clearer and are more confident with their phone within reach
Do you feel more confident and alert when you have your handset nearby? A test was conducted on iPhone users aged 18 to 24. The results showed that those in that age group will score better on a cognitive test, if they know that their handset is right beside them. If the phone is placed in the opposite corner of the room, the test subjects are likely to score lower on the test.

Three men, one from FSU, another from the University of Oklahoma, and the third from Indiana University, had test subjects work on two-word search puzzles. They were told that the person who found the most words would win a gift card. About halfway through the scheduled test time, the subjects were told to stop, place their phone in a corner of the room, and resume searching for the words. During the first half of the test, when they had their phones with them, the average participant found nine words. During the second half of the test, with the handsets nestled in a corner, away from their owners, the average participant could find only six words.

Besides a possible change in confidence and mental clarity, not being right next to your phone can actually bring on physical changes. The test found that when participants heard their iPhone ring, but couldn't answer it, their blood pressure and heart rate would rise. The testing was done one person at a time, so there was no fear among those tested that their handset would be stolen.

Dr. Russell Clayton from FSU, says that the test shows that having your phone with you at all times is not as bad as some believe it to be. He says that telling those who are always with their cellphone to leave it at home, is not the answer. He says that these people can bring the phone with them at all times, as long as they limit distractions.

source: WSJ


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