TeleNav premieres turn-by-turn, voice guided navigation for Windows Phone 7

TeleNav premieres turn-by-turn, voice guided navigation for Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7 made its debut a few weeks ago with Bing Maps on board, but unfortunately we did not have turn-by-turn directions or voice guided navigation until now. Location services developer TeleNav changes this with its Windows Phone 7 app, which gives you the two features for a fee of $9.99 per month.

Most sources agree that TeleNav GPS Navigator is running smoothly and is stable like on other operating systems. You can expect to see pretty much everything you see on other platforms – favorite places, points of interest and a weather report. Some might find useful the highlights of gas by price locations or Wi-Fi hotspots. The app also seems to integrate well with the Windows Phone 7 ecosystem and despite the fact that WP7 does not support multitasking (yet) TeleNav GPS Navigator will be smart enough to bring you back to your directions after a call.

For the moment it seems like the only choice if you need turn-by-turn directions and voice guided navigation, but rumors are that a recent massive update might add the two features as a part of Bing Maps in the near future. But don't bet on it, and in the meantime, why not see the app for yourselves? A trial run is free for 30 days.

source: ZDNet via PPCGeeks



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