Take a peek at the first iPhone 8 dummy unit that actually looks like a real product


Another day, another alleged iPhone 8 dummy unit has been spotted online. However, this time the pictures come from a somewhat reputable source, serial leakster @OnLeaks, and also for the first time ever their subject actually looks like a real product that may hit the store shelves soon, instead of an incomplete attempt at recreating one.

Or in other words, consider this as the closest thing we've gotten to a real look at the iPhone 8 so far. So let's dive in:

The front of the dummy shows us little we haven't seen yet: the rumored cutout at the top of the screen is present, and when looked at from this angle, it actually looks considerably smaller than some renders we've seen in the past. Also, do note that there is no front camera hole present on this unit, further giving credence to our dummy unit theory. Another thing that's shown in full view are the display's rounded corners, which give the phone a somewhat sleeker look (if you're into that sort of thing, of course).

The first thing we see on the back is a design element that immediately makes the unit look much better than what we've seen in previous alleged leaks. That is, the glass back sports a curved cut, giving the device a much sleeker profile. The top left corner, however, is taken up by the considerably large camera bump – although it's hard to say given there's only one picture of the back, it looks to be at least as thick as the one on the iPhone 7 Plus. And given that the dual-camera configuration here is larger than the one in the 7 Plus, the overall impression is that of a heavier-looking rear panel.

And lastly, the left side of the device shows the familiar volume buttons and mute switch, while the right isn't visible in any of the two photos. And at least one other thing looks to be missing from this unit: a fingerprint scanner. Don't get your hopes high for it actually being successfully embedded into the screen – not even Apple itself is sure about this part.

Whatever the situation with the fingerprint scanner is, this sure looks like a dummy for a unit close to production. Still, given there's still three months left until the device's expected unveiling date, there's a fair bit of wiggle room for last-minute hardware changes, so we'll just have to wait and see.

source: @OnLeaks

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