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Tactus shape-shifting keyboard one step closer to commercial reality


It has been a couple years since we first shared the idea behind Tactus, a touch screen that literally creates physical buttons to accompany your on-screen keyboard. During that time, the California based tech-startup has been busily shoring up its team, technology, investors, and manufacturing partners. Over the past few months, Tactus has announced sales partnerships in South Korea and strategic alliances in Japan.

Now, Tactus has just announced it has signed a partnership with Wistron, a Taiwan-based original-design-manufacturing company. Wistron not only signed on as the manufacturer of the Touch 2.0 “Tactile Layer” solution, it too invested in Tactus as part of the startup’s Series B funding.

That means we will see final products rolling off the assembly line later this year starting with an integrated case and morphing screen for the iPad Mini. Users of other platforms should not be worried though, as a brief tour of Tactus’ website clearly shows they plan to bring this solution across the spectrum, Android, PC-environments, and automotive applications.

At this stage in the game, we still do not have an estimated availability date, nor do we have any information about pricing, but if these screens perform as advertised, we see no reason why such a product would not be very successful.

source: Tactus

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