THX tune-up arrives on Android and is free until February 3

THX tune-up arrives on Android and is free until February 3
THX tune-up has been finally released for select Android devices. It is a handy app that allows you to set up your entertainment system correctly and squeeze the maximum out of it. THX tune-up, which is being developed by George Lucas' THX Ltd., has been around on iOS devices for more than a year now.

So what does THX tune-up do, exactly? THX tune-up uses your smartphone's sensors to help you adjust various options of your home cinema system. Once you install the app, you need to connect it to your TV or AVR (audio/video receiver) via an HDMI cable. The app uses your smartphone's camera to compare the aspect ratio, brightness, contrast, colors, and tint of your TV screen with the app's built-in THX visual standard. If some of the settings of the TV screen are not correct, THX tune-up interactively guides you on how to adjust them correctly.

But that's not all - THX tune-up also allows users to check if they have connected all of their speakers correctly to the AVR's output ports. In addition, the app also makes sure that all of the sound speakers are in correspondence with THX's audio reproduction standard.

Currently, THX tune-up requires Android 4.2.2 or later and is compatible with the following devices: HTC One/One Max/One X/One X+, Nexus 4/5/7-2013/10, and Samsung Galaxy S4/Note 3. Until February 3, THX tune-up can be obtained free of charge. After that it would most probably be priced at $1.99, just like its iOS peer.

Download: THX tune-up (Android | iOS)

source: THX via Gizmodo

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