T-Mobile's Nokia Lumia 925 starts to receive Windows Phone Black update

T-Mobile's Nokia Lumia 925  starts to receive Windows Phone Black update
Earlier on Tuesday, we told you that those sporting a Nokia Lumia 620 in Finland and the Netherlands, had starting receiving the Windows Phone Black update. In the states, the Nokia Lumia 925, available from T-Mobile, is also starting to receive the update. After downloading and installing Windows Phone Black, your Nokia Lumia 925 will feature a notifications system similar to what iOS and Android users enjoy.

Other changes include a new screen orientation lock that allows you to freeze your phone's display in either portrait or landscape. The update will allow users to close an app in the app switcher, and brings custom ringtones for messaging and mail. Smart Camera and Nokia Pro Camera are combined in Nokia's camera app.

Some new apps are on the changelist, such as Nokia Storyteller, which lets you use pictures and video, add captions and a teaspoon of creativity to tell a story. Nokia Beamer is also included with the update. This app allows you to send the image of a photo or document on your Lumia 925 screen, to a connected television monitor, computer screen, or another phone/tablet. The Windows Phone Black update will also add enhanced battery monitoring and a new Nokia Glance Screen.

If you happen to own the Nokia Lumia 925, you could be receiving the update as soon as today. If it doesn't arrive on Tuesday, no need to be upset. Updates like these are usually sent out on a staggered basis. If it doesn't come today, just be patient. The update will eventually arrive.

source: TmoNews

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