T-Mobile upgrades 4G and 5G networks in Miami ahead of the Super Bowl

T-Mobile upgrades its 4G and 5G networks in Miami ahead of the Super Bowl
The Super Bowl is probably the biggest annual sporting event in North America. Fans from across the country gather in Miami on February 3rd to watch the NFL championship final and they’ll want to have a good time above all. And in today’s day and age, having fun means nothing unless you can share it on social media.

But catering to the needs of tens of thousands of people all in one place can be challenging for the IT infrastructure and digital traffic jams cause a lot of frustration.

That’s why T-Mobile is taking the necessary measures to ensure its customers have a fast and reliable connection not only at the stadium but in the whole of Miami as well.

In a press release, the Un-carrier announced that it’s making major upgrades to its network infrastructure in Miami. The entire greater Miami area will be covered with 600MHz 5G. Additionally, millimetre-wave 5G will be provided to the lower bowl of Hard Rock Stadium, as well as its parking lot and main entrances.

In its typical fashion, T-Mobile didn’t miss the opportunity to take a jab at one of its competitors and provided a 5G coverage map to emphasize its lead over Verizon in the area.

Besides the high transfer speeds, another advantage of 5G is that it allows a large number of users to connect without the quality of the connection being affected. This makes it perfect for concerts and sporting events.

But the improved coverage won’t be coming from mobile stations, a common practice for major events like the Super Bowl. Instead, T-Mobile is making permanent upgrades to its network that local residents and especially fans of the Miami Dolphins will be able to enjoy for a long time.

Of course, to make use of the 5G speeds you’ll need a 5G phone and those are still few and far between. Worry not, though, soon 5G phones will not only be plentiful in variety but cheaper as well. The first batch is coming just a week after the Super Bowl with the announcement of the Galaxy S20 series.

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