Google's Pixel 4a could have 5G in at least one variant

Google's Pixel 4a could have 5G in at least one variant
In the past few months, Pixel 4a rumors have started surfacing, with the latest CAD-based leaks showing off a sleek, bezel-free design. Then, a new rumor claimed the phone would only be released in one size, unlike the 3a and 3a XL of last year. Now, it seems likely that there will definitely be multiple variants of the Pixel 4a—and at least one will feature 5G.

As XDA reported, the latest repository of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) revealed some interesting tidbits about Google’s next mid-rangers and Qualcomm’s latest chipsets. AOSP included three new device codenames—namely, Sunfish, Redfin, and Bramble.

Historically, Pixel devices have had fish-themed codenames, so these three easily fit in. And with the Pixel 4a release window approaching, it’s very likely that these devices are none other than the successors to the 3a.

The code discloses a number of details about these devices, most notably their respective chipsets. ‘Sunfish’ is slated to have the ‘sm7150’ platform, or Snapdragon 730 on board. This chipset was released almost a year ago and is already being used in a number of upper-midrange devices, and it does not support 5G connectivity.

The 730 is a powerful enough chip that was expected to make an appearance on the 4a, so it’s not unexpected to see it in the code. However, it isn’t 5G-compatible, and it isn’t the latest chipset, either. But it isn’t the only processor mentioned.

‘Redfin’ is stated to be based on the Snapdragon 765 SOC, which is a newer and more powerful processor. In fact, it rivals the 845 chip that powered 2018’s flagships, so it would be a definite boost over the 730. What’s more, the 765 chip has a built-in 5G modem, making it more efficient and future-proof.

‘Bramble’ is the last new codename, and it’s also based on the Snapdragon 765. There’s less known about this device, and given how the codename is harder to pin to the fish theme, it might be something other than a Pixel device, such as a development board.

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In any case, the likelihood of multiple Pixel 4a variants seems higher than ever, and it seems pretty clear that at least one will feature 5G. Of course, the newer processor might make the 765-powered 4a a lot more expensive than the 730 version. All the more reason to have two variants, perhaps.

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