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T-Mobile rolls out all-new rate plan portfolio silently

Posted: , by Victor H.

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T-Mobile rolls out all-new rate plan portfolio silently
T-Mobile has quietly rolled out its brand-new selection of rate plans, in perfect timing with previous reports about the upcoming change. Folks over at TMoNews first spotted the newly added plans to T-Mo’s website, bringing more options for data and increasing the number of included minutes for some plans.

When it comes to the pre-paid options, T-Mobile has included a $70 Unlimited Everything pre-paid plan along with a $50 pre-paid option giving you free Talk, Text and 100MB of unthrottled data.

When it comes to individual plans, you’re looking at 500 minutes of talk for $39.99 as the cheapest option, while unlimited minutes, text and 10GB of unthrottled data would set you back $119.99 a month. Similar family plans would save you some cash, as you have a $59.99 monthly payment for 1000 minutes, while unlimited minutes, text and 10GB of data would run you $219.99.
T-Mobile rolls out all-new rate plan portfolio silently
Check out T-Mobile’s revamped portfolio in the links and screenshots below, and don't hesitate to share your opinion on which carrier offers the best value in the new light of things.

source: TMoNews

Family Plans
Family Plans 2
Individual Plans
Individual Plans 2

Family Plans

Family Plans 2

Individual Plans

Individual Plans 2

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posted on 23 May 2011, 07:57 1

1. jthiagesan (Posts: 104; Member since: 20 Apr 2011)

it's a good news!!

posted on 23 May 2011, 08:03 5

2. AndroidTroll (Posts: 359; Member since: 05 Mar 2011)

Tmos plans are always such a cluster fuck. Sprint keeps it simple.

posted on 23 May 2011, 08:25 4

3. dave (unregistered)

Sprint has to keep it simple as they don't know how to bill properly.

posted on 23 May 2011, 11:14 3

7. Slammer (Posts: 1515; Member since: 03 Jun 2010)

I never understand current comments such as the above unless the person(s) have only been listening to bitter acquaintences from past dealings. If billing was a continued issue, Sprint's satisfaction ratings wouldn't be rising and remain solid as it has been for the last year.

Having been a wireless subscriber for over 24 years, I have never experienced better all around service from a carrier as I have during the last 2 years with Sprint. None!

In the few times I have had a problem, they have resolved any issues briskly. Also, since I own multiple homes, cars, phone lines for family and have all sorts of bills and dividends a mile long, I find Sprint's simplicity a refresher. It's nice I don't have to worry about my cell bill. It is the same every month.

John B.

posted on 23 May 2011, 08:56

4. bluechrism (unregistered)

any news on Even More plus?

posted on 23 May 2011, 13:28 3

8. corps1089 (Posts: 492; Member since: 20 Jan 2010)

It's gonna be superceded by:
Even More plus More plus More plus More plus More plus l33t!
[with throttling & data cap & no grandfather clause if ATT buys]

and will have three plans tiered higher than this one...

posted on 23 May 2011, 10:24

5. Wowe1234 (unregistered)

Wah Wah..... These plans suck!!!

posted on 23 May 2011, 10:26

6. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

even more plus is being phased out. The prepaids have been rebuild "monthly plans" and now include unlimited data on the 30/50/70 plans... they just get throttled at different points.

I love how PA only points out the 10gig plans. Most customers use 2 gigs or less, so the bulk of people will go to that plan. UNL everything with 2gig unthrottled is still 79 for one line or 139 for 2 lines. You can get a family plan for what it costs for 1 line on ATT/VZW... and with Tmobile's upcomming national upgrade to 42mb/s comming any day now its faster than LTE.. again. :)

Its not a cluster.. its actually easier. The basic plans have been streamlined as well as made cheaper. And now you have CHOICE when it comes to your data plans depending on your usage. 200mb/2gig/5gig/10gig. All of them with no overages and no cut offs... they just throttle at whatever limit you set.

posted on 23 May 2011, 13:36

9. nb2six (Posts: 298; Member since: 27 Apr 2011)

also wanted to note that every data plan just has a cap for the 4G-3G speeds. you"re still given unlimited data usage it's just throttled from your cap point on.

posted on 23 May 2011, 22:24

10. Obento (unregistered)

2 Year contract required if you SWITCH to these plans. Dumb, you cannot change your plan now without being locked into AT&T&T-Mobile.

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