T-Mobile chatbot royally embarasses the company by spitting facts about price lock commitment

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T-Mobile chatbot royally embarasses the company by spitting facts about price lock commitment
Try as it might to mold its words, T-Mobile cannot escape the fact that it broke its promise to its customers by hiking legacy plan prices. The carrier's so-called commitment to never raise prices was deceptive and misleading and many consumers have responded by ditching the company or complaining against it to the FCC. Even T-Mobile's own AI system says it's in the wrong.

T-Mobile has a bunch of AI tools called 'Superpowers' for employees which aim to make the jobs of employees easier. Like other AI systems, it has presumably been trained on T-Mobile's internal documents and policies.


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While T-Mobile continues to insist that it did nothing wrong by raising prices and is not even honoring its promise of paying customers' last month's bills if they decide to leave the company due to the price hike in some cases, its AI chatbot apparently only spits facts.

The chatbot, which is only accessible by employees, says that Price Locked plans, including those protected by the Un-Contract guarantee, are not supposed to go up in price. The bot says that T-Mobile cannot increase prices for old plans as long as customers stay with the company and don't switch to another plan.

The bot even says that T-Mobile would be breaching its contract with customers if it went back on its promise and such a step would be unfair and could lead to legal troubles for the company. It also thinks that a price increase could harm T-Mobile's reputation.

Since AI-powered chatbots are prone to something called hallucination, they sometimes make things up, and so whatever T-Mobile's chatbot said cannot be interpreted as its official statement by any means.

That said, the bot has simply restated what was known all along and is further evidence that T-Mobile's actions are not consistent with its words. For instance, the bot said that plans protected by the Un-Contract Promise are price-locked, but customers on those plans, including subscribers on the ONE plan, did see their bills go up.

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