T-Mobile says its best smartphone for gaming is made by Samsung

T-Mobile says its best smartphone for gaming is made by Samsung
T-Mobile today released a new video to showcase the "top 5 mobile phones for online gaming" that are currently in its portfolio. Unsurprisingly, all the handsets presented in the video - embedded below - are on the expensive side, offering high-end features and high screen-to-body ratios. 

T-Mobile starts its list from the bottom, with the Samsung Galaxy S8+, which may be 1-year old, but it's still a pretty powerful handset. Next, T-Mobile shows off the iPhone X (with its class-leading A11 Bionic processor and Apple's own high-end GPU), the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and the LG V30+ (which has the advantage of being compatible with T-Mobile's 600 MHz spectrum for extended LTE coverage). 

Ultimately, T-Mobile presents the recently-released Samsung Galaxy S9+ as its best smartphone for gaming. The carrier praises the S9+ for its Snapdragon 845 processor (and the powerful Adreno 630 GPU), its screen, dual speakers, enhanced LTE coverage, and Samsung's Game Launcher.  

Of course, at the end of the day, all five phones mentioned here will do a great job at playing demanding games - like PUBG Mobile, which, as you'll surely notice, is heavily featured in T-Mobile's video.

source: T-Mobile (YouTube)


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