T-Mobile G2 is put through the dreaded benchmark test

T-Mobile G2 is put through the dreaded benchmark test
Many cell phone buyers are so much into what certain numbers tell them, that they wouldn't consider buying a T-Mobile G2 because the unit's processor is clocked at 800MHz vs, the current 1GHz standard found on most of today's smartphones. It would be a shame for a T-Mobile customer to miss out out on owning the carrier's first HSPA+ enabled handset just because they are a numbers snob.

Besides, numbers can lie. The T-Mobile G2 uses Qualcomm's second generation of Snapdragon processor which means that a new processor clocked at  800MHz can be zippier than the first generation 1GHz Snapdragon chips.

Still want proof? Check out the video below for a Quadrant Standard benchmark test. Once you get past the cool animations, you might be surprised  to see how well the true sequel to the first Android handset makes out on the test.

T-Mobile G2 Specifications

source: AndroidCentral

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