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T-Mobile G-Slate receives the clearest video preview so far

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T-Mobile G-Slate receives the clearest video preview so far
LG is slowly building excitement for the next round of "industry first" it will unleash on us unsuspecting gadget lovers. We just wrote about a teaser video the company leaked, showing briefly the LG Optimus 3D - the phone that will take us to the third dimension. Now LG's 3D-capable tablet - the T-Mobile G-Slate - has also received a quick early preview on camera.

The two cameras on the back, responsible for the 3D magic appear to be with square glass covers, rather than the round ones on the LG Optimus 3D phone. Have a look at the video below, it's clearer than the leak we had before.

In any case, LG is living a remake of Cinderella - from nosediving profits in its mobile division last year due to uninspiring feature phones, to the first dual-core phone, and the first ever 3D handset and tablet this year. Rags to riches is always a fascinating story line to watch, so we will follow closely LG's sales numbers this year.

via Engadget

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