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T-Mobile CEO tells his employees to "Win one for the Gipper" in 2012

T-Mobile CEO tells his employees to "Win one for the Gipper" in 2012
Out of the four major U.S. carriers, T-Mobile is certainly the one that needs a morale-boost after a tough 2011. The carrier ended up independent after AT&T was forced to back away from its proposed $39 billion deal for the carrier and Sprint and Verizon were allowed to each add the Apple iPhone to its lineup. So in order to rally the troops, so to speak, T-Mobile USA CEO Philip Humm sent out a message trying to inspire his employees.

Some of the more important comments in the message include Humm saying that "In 2012, we will work to make T-Mobile successful on its own," obviously a comment on the AT&T deal that was not closed. Humm also mentioned "churn" a few times and the importance of having T-Mobile fix the current churn rate. The CEO said that currently the carrier loses a customer for each one it renews. In order to improve on that, Humm says that T-Mobile needs to offer a better portfolio of devices, modernize the pipelines and improve its standing with potential enterprise customers.

Humm also points out some new assets from AT&T such as a 7 year UMTS roaming agreement and AWS spectrum in 128 Cellular Market Areas. Besides focusing on improving the churn rate, Hamm also pointed out that T-Mobile's Challenger Strategy is right for the company. This plan calls for the company to pass itself off as an underdog, challenging the top carriers like Verizon and AT&T using a common identity that employees and customers can rally around. Right now,that image is that of the bride left at the altar. And while that is not really an image to rally around, for 2012 things can only get better for the nation's fourth largest carrier. Dish Network has said that it was interested in T-Mobile if the AT&T deal failed and certainly there are others out there who would love to get in the business by partnering up with T-Mobile.

source: TmoNews


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