T-Mobile CEO Legere warns consumers not to get "Verizoned"

T-Mobile CEO John Legere called out Verizon today for a series of comments, ads and other "half-truths" that he says is born of desperation on Big Red's part. Pointing out that in its last quarter the nation's largest carrier lost 36,000 postpaid phone subscribers, Legere says that "things at Verizon seem to have gotten pretty damn desperate." T-Mobile's last report showed a gain of 851,000 postpaid phone subscribers during the same period. The executive notes that T-Mobile has doubled its LTE coverage in the last two years and it now reaches 99.7% of the number Verizon covers.

Legere then tears down some comments from Verizon. For example, in the television ads with Jamie Foxx, it is said that T-Mobile hasn't won any awards. Legere says that is true...if you don't count the five or six awards they have won for having the fastest LTE network, best customer service, and more. T-Mobile's CEO also points out that while Verizon calls the Google Pixel a Verizon exclusive, the phone will work on T-Mobile. Pixel users can switch to T-Mobile and get back half of the cost of the phone ($325).

There are quite a few more of these comments from Verizon that Legere responds to, which you will hear about by clicking on the video at the top of this story. In a week from now, we could be done with all of the bickering between political parties in the states. But one thing that never ends is the sniping that goes on between the four major U.S. carriers. Hmm. We wonder how John Legere would fare in the White House.

source: T-Mobile


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