System boot file leaked to resurrect your bricked Motorola PHOTON 4G

System boot file leaked to resurrect your bricked Motorola PHOTON 4G
If you are one of those brave souls that are always poking around your phone despite that the warranty period just started, you might have gotten unlucky with the Motorola PHOTON 4G and hard-bricked the device, trying to go above and beyond what its creator and carrier intended.

Fortunately, if your Motorola PHOTON 4G had been lying at the bottom of your drawer after unsuccessful attempt to root or apply some other voodoo on it, now XDA-Devs have a solution.

A System Boot File (SBF) leaked on a thread in the forum, and the process to apply it to your comatose device is fairly straightforward, considering some others we've come across with. The Motorola PHOTON 4G (gently referred to as MoPho on XDA-Devs) will require activation again after the SBF is applied

Working through the SBF will restore your phone and, naturally, you will lose that root you've applied, but you can solve this problem afterwards.

source: XDA-Devs via BriefMobile

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2. listenkid unregistered

Alright listen kid, the Galaxy S2 is an over hyped pile of s**t. I'll admit, if it has LTE it will be an amazing phone but it's not far behind the Droid Charge and that is a single core Hummingbird with 328mb of free RAM. That is the phones only problem. These s**t head companies like Samsung NEED to learn that 4g + a good GPU + a minimum of 1gb RAM is the most important things a smart phone needs. Not this dual-core bulls**t that you're so into. As for motoblur/Touchwiz/any of that crap, a simple ROM flash(took me 1 day to learn how to do it) and BOOM, you've got a completely different look. There are modifications for HTC Sense on the Droid Charge, TouchWiz 4 on the Charge, plain Froyo/plain GB look or whatever you can think of. So quit your bitching and educate yourself.

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