Study finds Apple users donate larger amounts [Infographic]

Study finds Apple users donate larger amounts [Infographic]
Online fundraising company, Razoo, has just released new numbers which show the average amount and total donations by users according to what platform, browser, or mobile device each uses. The results are interesting, but maybe not all that surprising.

The big story that most are focusing on with these numbers is that Apple users tend to donate the largest amounts per user. Mac OS users tend to donate about $9 more per user than Windows users, although Windows users make up close to 80% of all donations. Safari users tend to donate more than any other browser. And, in the world of mobile, iPad users donate the most by far, at around an average of $175 in donations. iPhone and iPod Touch users are next at just over $100 each, and Android comes in 4th at just under $100. Meanwhile, BlackBerry and Windows users (no distinction between WP7 and Windows Mobile) come in way behind at well under $50 each. 

Of course, the numbers and infographic don't mention anything about why this correlation exists, but we'd be willing to guess that Apple users tend to have more disposable income, which would be why they can donate more (not to mention afford Apple products). This would seem especially true with iPad owners. There have been studies in the past that have claimed that iPhone users tend to have more money, so it doesn't seem like much of a stretch to assume that's why higher average donations come from those devices. 

That said, it is nice to see Android users right up there with iPhone users, because the stereotype of Android users has tended to be that they get the free subsidized phones and don't pay for apps (although neither really seems to really be true.) 

source: Razoo via Mashable



1. networkdood

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I donate to XDA developers.....

2. MichaelHeller

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Unfortunately, I get the feeling Razoo doesn't track those donations. (I donated to MoDaCo.)

8. The_Miz

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Why waste money donating to a bunch of phone hackers when it's better to donate to more "worthier" causes? Course, it's not like Android users can afford donations lol.

10. MichaelHeller

Posts: 2734; Member since: May 26, 2011

I also donate every month to help kids in Haiti (and I'm an Android user.) Thanks for Mizzing it up!

34. iKingTrust

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17. dacastrator

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As if you have donated anything for something.

4. ayephoner

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6. SuperAndroidEvo

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5. Yeeee

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Hey Supers**t: Dont read the article then AyePhoner: troll... nuff said

7. SuperAndroidEvo

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Had to read it to understand what the title meant. "Study finds Apple users donate larger amounts" That is very vague, I didn't know this article was a comparison of everybody’s donating habits. I do stand by what I said. Thank you for this great bit of knowledge! Ohh & grow up, no need to call people names. I didn't call you a name.

11. MichaelHeller

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"No need to call people names" yet you called us "iphonearena"...

13. SuperAndroidEvo

Posts: 4888; Member since: Apr 15, 2011 is not insulting in the same manner as Supers**t. You are an educated person & should be able to see that. I called the website a name & he called me s**t. Hmmm that's the same? Really? I would have never expected that from you MichaelHeller. One is a personal attack the other is a website! OK! You will actually defend that & not expect me to reiterate my statement. Do you condone name calling on your website? So if someone calls the website then it’s ok to name call right? I mean you ended your post with ………… What example are you trying to set?

16. MichaelHeller

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I am in no way condoning name calling in any form. I don't see any reason for Yeee to say what he did, and I flagged his comment as spam because of it. If you check with anyone in the comments around here, I strive for rational, and reasonable discussion at all times. That includes defending the site itself from insults like yours. As a writer here, I try very hard to be unbiased (despite my personal preference towards Android). So, I personally take offense when someone calls the site iPhoneArena, because outside of last week, when obviously the coverage will be mostly iPhone because of the announcement, I think we are very fair here, especially given that the vast majority of stories we run are Android stories.

20. SuperAndroidEvo

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Ok I agree with 100%, that is why I was shocked. I honestly love You guys consistently provide up to the minute information. I was just having some fun, & I didn't mean to insult you at all. Through the years I have come to respect your articles you post. I really thought from what you posted that you honestly thought it was the same thing. I am very glad you didn't think so. We are all entitled to our opinions, & that is why we post here on I apologize if I insulted you personally MichaelHeller, by calling the site That was not my intention.

23. MichaelHeller

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Glad we got that cleared up. Sorry if I came off curt, I've been noticing a lot of the iPhoneArena calls going around recently, didn't mean to take it all out on you.

37. SuperAndroidEvo

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No need to apologize, I know you were protecting the integrity of Again I never meant to insult anyone especially you. I am glad we were both able to talk as human beings & not like cats & dogs sort of speak.

29. taco50

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Wow SAE got owned and destroyed by logic. Worthless troll

32. SuperAndroidEvo

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Ok 15 year old. What ever you say. At your age you can't understand 2 grown men settling a misunderstanding. Both MichaelHeller & I handled it like 2 adults. Something that your 15 year old brain can't process. "Wow SAE got owned & destroyed by logic. Worthless troll" Really taco50?!? Thanks for proving my point, 15 year old. LOL iSheep, always hopping around never making sense.

35. ayephoner

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if you really want to convince anyone what a mature grown up you are, drop some punctuation, drop some LOLs, do away with your cartoon avatar, stop name calling on the internet, stop mocking aimlessly then claiming your point to be proven. just some friendly advice. have fun trolling today.

36. SuperAndroidEvo

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ayephoner, you know that everything you just said is something that you never do right? It's funny how you pretend to have a clue but live in this total delusional world of yours. Please don't talk about my avatar when yours is a pirate iPhone. I use Goku as my avatar because he represents strength, & determination. That might be to hard for you to handle. Your avatar is a pirate iPhone which makes perfect sense because pirates symbolize deceit, thievery, corruption, & wrong doing to the people kind of what Apple's business tactics are. So I really get what you are trying to say. Actually ayephoner you are VERY clever. Also I use lol because I am laughing at you! You are like slap stick comedy, so silly yet still very funny! LOL Silly, silly little pirate! My 3 year old thinks he is a pirate, wow you 2 have a lot in common! lol

39. ayephoner

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im not making any claims to the contrary of your accusations about me. you're just creating insults on your own. i have no need to defend myself to you. you, on the other hand, came to this article to troll and insult the website. then you got called out on it and insulted one of the best authors the site has. then you claim to be a pillar of maturity. i saw you went into the iOS feature poll just to troll apple articles some more. let it go. PA covers apple news. you dont have to throw your biased opionion in every comment section.

40. SuperAndroidEvo

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Listen buddy, I HAVE THE RIGHT to comment on what I feel like commenting on. You CAN’T tell ME were I am aloud to post so please stop your nonsense. There is NO rule on this website that prevents me from doing so. Also I never insulted Michael personally he will tell you that. I criticizing the website. I have that right, just like you can criticize your local politician & even the President of the United States. Michael apologized to me also. Us as men were able to resolve a misunderstanding. Something that you clearly missed. All you need to do is READ & you will see it for yourself. Dude are you serious with this comment? " PA covers apple news. you don’t have to throw your biased opinion in every comment section." You are right, I don't have to comment but guess what if I want to I will. That is why gives you & I the tools to do so. Why do you ask….? Because THEY WANT OUR OPINIONS. So if I have an opinion then guess what I will post it. If you were such a model of maturity you would never have posted that quote. Part of maturity is being able to accept opinions that might not be like yours. You like Apple & I don't. I will never post erroneous stuff, but if I want to post on an Apple article then that is my RIGHT. This is a Mobile Tech site which promotes participation from everyone. You may call it trolling (it’s only trolling because you don’t agree with my ideas, but if you did agree you wouldn’t be saying that) & that is fine call it what you want, I call it posting my ideas on a forum provided by So no you are wrong!

41. ayephoner

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what are you responding to? i have made no claim about you breaking rules (or laws). i saw your resolution with michael, what makes you think i missed it? the poll asked for your favorite feature of iOS 5. you came in to post about how they stole from android. that is not the opinion they were requesting, it was blatent trolling. and again, i never claimed to be a model of maturity. you did. my comments are not all one sided. i own an android device and not a single apple product. i just like to call you fandroid trolls on your fandroid trolling.

42. SuperAndroidEvo

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See ayephoner you don't have a clue. You now are assuming that I don't own an Apple product. See you are like slap stick comedy. You are very funny. Look I own 2 Apple products that I almost NEVER use. I got the VERY first iPad well that is not entirely true, it was a gift. Also I bought an iPod Touch, but didn't like it so I gave it to my nephew. I will have an iPhone 4S when it comes out free because my Father gets them from the Wall Street Journal because the company he is VP of made the Wall Street Journal App for the App Store first & then for the Android Market. The iPhone 4 he got, he gave me when it came out because as he says he has no use for this TOY! OUCH! lol So I put iOS5 on my free AT&T iPhone 4 after almost 3 hours due to the MAJOR overload on the servers yesterday when it came out. So please don't assume because it makes an a$$ out of u & me. I am so tired of you ayephoner you are just not fun at all! It’s too easy! Ohh I forgot, I own 50 shares of Apple stock that I got with my best friend in 2007. You might not know about that because when I bought those stocks you might have been in recess from class! lol “i just like to call you fandroid trolls on your fandroid trolling.” So you just admitted that you like to instigate & be an a$$ with this quote. Now I know you are a very simple pushover. Also who anointed you the Apple lawyer/police. You are like a fly a simple flick of my finger & you are out of here! LMAO!

43. ayephoner

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what are you talking about? i said I (as in me, ayephoner) do not own any apple products. i could care less about what you own. my goal is not to instigate. i am calling you out. i would love for the trolling to stop so there could be some valuable back and forth in the comments of apple related articles. it NEVER happens because of ignorant, immature fandroids like yourself. there are only a few of you, but you guys are relentless, redundant and sabotage any chances of the comments being anything but troll banter.

44. SuperAndroidEvo

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You say I troll & you troll all the so called trolls. Dude you are a mess. You can't stop it, why even try? Also why do you feel the need to "call" people out. What are you the vigilante? You are now starting to sound sick. There are places you can go, to help you with this problem you have.

45. ayephoner

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do you have ADD? you are having a very difficult time sticking with one topic. i just explained why i am calling you trolls out. i didnt claim to be able to stop it. you seem to have a reading comprehension deficiency. please direct me to a place that gets rid of idiot trolls. thanks!

46. SuperAndroidEvo

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ayephoner you must be struggling huh? lol I am only commenting on what you post. The topics I cover stem from what you typed. ADD? Reading comprehension deficiency? Yes you feel you need to call trolls out because you are the Apple troll vigilante right? Are you ok? Now you seem stressed! I know a good Dr. that can help you! He happens to be my best friend. I will always go that extra mile for my fans! You know that!

47. SuperAndroidEvo

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Hey I am done. I am going to be the bigger MAN. Let's see if you can drop this. I don't want the readers to have a bad time on because of us. On the other article someone called us bitches & I don't want to ruin someone's experience here. So truce! We both know we can go on forever!

48. ayephoner

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ADD: check reading deficiency: check troll biting on troll bait: check

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