Stereophonics: new HTC One M8 BoomSound speakers vs Xperia Z2 S-Force Front Surround

Stereophonics: upgraded HTC One M8 BoomSound speakers vs Xperia Z2 S-Force Front Surround
When it became clear that the Sony Xperia Z2 flaunts stereo speakers, its S-Force Front Surround set was immediately pitted against the HTC One BoomSound speakers. The audible conclusion was that the speakers on the Z2 are stronger than the BoomSound couple on the One, but HTC's output is cleaner.

With the new One M8, however, HTC upped the ante in the stereo speakers department, saying that they are 30% more powerful than before. To put this claim to the test, the upgraded BoomSound set was once against thrown in the cage against the Xperia Z2's S-Force Front Surround system. 

The result is very encouraging for prospective owners of the One M8. We can clearly hear a sizable improvement over last year's HTC One, putting the new BoomSound set on par with the Z2 in terms of output volume this time around. Thankfully, the new HTC phone has preserved its better clarity, and the more rounded sound, compared to what the waterproofed speaker set in the Z2 can produce. The only negative remark is that the One M8 sounds a bit tinnier than the Z2, but, hey, the chassis is indeed made out of 90% metal, after all.

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