Steepest 'edge' curve, 7000-series alloy, dual-color: do you like the Note 7 design story?

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You couldn't tell by just looking at the handset, but the Note 7 employs a lot of "firsts" for Samsung when it comes to the design. Thankfully, the company was quick to list all the new chassis features that make its newest phablet the one to strive for when it comes to looks and craftsmanship.

Did you know, for instance, that the Note 7 is employing the toughest 7000 series aluminum alloy for the frame and the sides? That would make it 1.3 times stronger and 1.2 times more scratch-resistant than the metal which Samsung used for the Galaxy S7. Moreover, in order to leave the most flat space for the S Pen to draw on, and to make this the narrowest Note ever, Samsung employed a rare 3D thermoforming process, producing the steepest "edge" sloping of a curved display it's ever done, as you can see below.

Adding to the toughness of the Note 7 is the usage of the Gorilla Glass 5 for surface protection - the Note 7 is the first phone that ships with Corning's newest material - and the waterproofing of the handset. In addition, the Galaxy Note7 employs a one-glass screen, where the touch sensor is directly printed on the display panel, making the touchscreen more responsive, and the display package overall thinner, brighter and lighter.

This time, however, the glass of the front and back is curved exactly with the same 0.5mm radius, and fuses seamlessly with the metal frame around the sides, instead of sticking out, like on the Note 5. The camera protrusion has also been shaved off significantly, and the overall impression is for one sleeker, more polished device that is on top of that the most compact and easy to use with one hand Note ever.

Oh, did we mention the funky new Blue Coral hue? According to Samsung it "follows this year’s color trends, which are less vivid and more tranquil," though we wouldn't call the employment of the golden metal frame "tranquil" against the relaxing blue - it just looks good, and is the first time Samsung is using a separate color for the metallic frame. That is why we wanted to ask you what do you think of the Note 7 design this time, did Samsung nail it?

Do you like the Note 7 design story?

Yes, it's waterproof, tougher, and the best-looking, most compact Note ever!
Nah, it still seems big and fragile
At $850, I don't care

source: Samsung

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