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Ten best stealth games for iPhone and Android (2018)

Ten best stealth games for iPhone and Android (2018)
The stealth genre is a very special one, dear to many gamers' hearts. In recent years, it has been watered down a bit, but, thankfully, there are some hardcore games out there that still test your patience, nerves, quick thinking and reflexes. And some of them are available for phones and tablets, too!

With our pocket devices being as powerful and fast as they are in 2018, we now have a bunch of console and PC games ported for mobile, as well as games that are developed specifically for the touch platform. And, if you dig hard enough, you can find some pretty cool stealth titles!

Well, we did so once before — and if you haven't see our 2015 selection of stealth games, do so by clicking on the link below — and we decided it's time to do it again! Without further ado, here are 10 awesome stealth games for iOS and Android that you should definitely check out!

Never Stop Sneakin'

Download: iOS ($2.99)

Well, this one goes to town right with the title, doesn't it? Yes, it's a dedicated stealth game and it even has very, very obvious influences drawn from Metal Gear Solid — you know, just a genre-defining classic.

It's a rogue-like game where you infiltrate one randomly-generated enemy base after the other. It's not particularly deep, but its core gameplay is solid and it works great for quick gaming sessions spread throughout the day. You know — like we usually do on mobile phones.

Invisible, Inc.

Download: iOS ($4.99)

Unfortunately, Invisible, Inc. Is only available for the iPad. However, if you do have an Apple tablet, you will not regret buying this game. It's a Klei Entertainment game (Mark of the Ninja developer) and that shows through and through. The animation is beautiful, the story is short but compelling, and you do want to return to the game and even play it in its Endless mode.

So, what is Invisible, Inc? In its core, it's a tactical, turn-based strategy game. Since your squad of agents is up against overwhelming odds in every level, you will have to be super sneaky if you hope to make it to the end. You've got a ton of hacking tools and you can find some guns to help you along the way, but rest assured that the enemy has the firewalls, viruses, and weapon arsenal to counter you effortlessly. Good luck!


Download: iOS ($3.99) | Android ($5.31)

This is a turn-based game in the style of Square Enix's "Go" titles. You control a street artist who wants to paint the streets in his grafitty, but needs to avoid... his harshest critics — guards and police officers.

The game has a beautiful, colorful aesthetic and smooth, pleasing animations. The core gameplay is pleasantly laid back and you've got a ton of tools to help you along the way — from throwing bottles to distract the enemy to controlling gates and moving through sewers in order to traverse the levels in easier ways.

Party Hard Go

Download: iOS ($6.99) | Android ($6.99)

Party Hard is not for the feint of heart — it's a grisly, dark humor game which puts you in the shoes of a mass murderer. See, there's a party in the neighbourhood and our anti-hero just can't get a good night's sleep. What's the solution? Kill everybody...

The colorful pixel art aesthetic and wacky locations certainly offset the dark tone of the game. The core gameplay is a bit wonky, but the challenge will definitely keep hardcore gamers coming back for more, trying to get through the next level with no detection.

Hello Neighbor

Download: iOS (free) | Android (free)

Hello Neighbor is a colorful yet creepy stealth adventure / puzzle game, which has been available for PC for a while now. It puts you in the boots of a silent protagonist who has just moved into a new house. However, you are quick to notice that your neighbor's house is... out of the ordinary.

Since, apparently, our protagonist is a nosy one, your mission in the game is to sneak into the neighbor's house and find out what mysterious stuff he's been doing in there. The selling point of the game is that the antagonist has a self-teaching AI, which will adjust its movements and traps to counter your actions throughout the game.

Assassin's Creed Identity

Download: iOS ($1.99) | Android ($1.99)

This is as close as a classic-style Assassin's Creed game as we can get on mobile. It gets its core gameplay from Assassin's Creed 2 and puts you in Renaissance Italy once again. Yeah, the hardware is still a bit limited, so don't expect super-fluid animations or huge crowds out in the street.

But hey — we still get hidden blades and stealth assassinations!

Dynamite Jack

Download: iOS ($4.99) | Android ($4.99)

Remember good ol' Bomber Man? Dynamite Jack reminds us of it a lot. It's a top-down game where you need to navigate mazes, avoid enemies, and drop bombs like your life depends on it.

Oh wait... it does.

You need to destroy key objects in the level in order to progress and, of course, what goes "boom" also attracts the guards. The core gameplay is "avoid and destroy" and it lends itself great for quick bursts of mobile gaming.

Space Marshals 2

Download: iOS ($4.99) | Android (free)

A top-down tactical action with great animations and a teeth-grinding difficulty. Stealth is not only a viable approach — it's recommended that you stick to it for as long as you can!

You've got a rich arsenal of weapons to pick from, from dual wield pistols to assault rifles and sniper rifles, so it's not like you are defenseless when you get caught. But the focus of Space Marshals is patience and tactical assault. If that sounds like your cup of tea – have at it!

Calvino Noir

Download: iOS ($3.99)

A beautiful, noir-styled side-scrolling adventure. The game is about exploration, sneaking, and lots of grovely dialogue. There aren't many items to speak of, but you do get to switch between different characters, each with their own special power.

Death Point

Download: iOS ($1.99) | Android ($1.99) | Demo (free)

A top-down isometric adventure game with pretty tough opponents. If you want to survive 'till the end of each level in this one, you'd better dial your sneaking skills up to 10.

Thankfully, if you get discovered, you can still fall back on weapons such as a gun, shotgun, uzi, or mine traps. Flashbangs, smoke grenades, and simple throwable bottles are also here to help you blind, confuse, and avoid guards.

It's a tough one and it may cause you to ragequit more than once. But isn't this exactly what hardcore stealth players love?
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