Starting next week, Twitter's iconic 140 character limit will finally start seeing some changes

Twitter's iconic 140 character limit will soon be seeing some changes
The 140 character limit is undeniably one of the most iconic aspects of the Twitter platform as a whole. While it may be seen as an annoyance by some, it's seen by others as a way to get creative with the tweets and posts that they send out. Being forced to limit what you have to say with so few characters can sometimes be a challenge, but it has also created for some rather ingenious and hilarious tweets over the years. Although the 140 character limit is still here to stay, it looks like it is going to be seeing some major updates starting as early as next week.

Back in May, Twitter officially announced that they would be sending out some updates to the 140 character limit on their social networking platform. While the 140 limit wouldn't necessarily be going anywhere, the characters that would actually count towards that limit would be changing. Essentially, the new update to the platform would result in only actual words counting toward the character limit. As it stand right now, @names, photos, GIFs, videos, quoted tweets, and polls all count in some manner towards the limit that's in place. With the update to the limit though, all of these things would no longer count towards those 140 characters.

However, that was back in May. It is now September, and things have been pretty hush-hush about these updates. Thankfully, that looks to be changing rather quickly. Thanks to a new report from The Verge, it would appear that the update to the 140 character limit would be launching as early as next week - September 19th to be exact.

Although this change to the 140 character limit isn't breaking news, it is nice to see that there's an official date just around the corner as to when the update will finally be landing. It might not seem like that drastic of a change, but it should make using the service a lot more convenient and useful than it has been in the past. You still have to get creative with the tweets that you send out, but you'll  finally be getting a little bit of wiggle room that has been a long time coming.

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