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Spy shots of upcoming Samsung phones for T-Mobile

Spy shots of upcoming Samsung phones for T-Mobile
As you may have noticed already, part of our job is to comment on unofficial, early snapshots of phones that are sometimes scheduled for launches much later. There is no information as to the relevant release dates of the currently posing handsets, but at least we can get an idea of what T-Mobile customers are to expect from Samsung in the near future.

First off, here is an image revealing the successor of the side-sliding Gravity, shown in two color solutions: orange and lilac. The third phone here is said to be the Samsung T349, sporting a relaxing white and green color scheme blend.

Samsung Gravity 2 Preliminary Specifications

Two other phones have also been shot, but their names remain unknown. The one on the left is obviously a touchscreen-equipped device, utilizing the TouchWiz interface and probably a 3MP camera. Looks like this one will be directed to those looking for an affordable touchscreen phone.  The one on the right is a side-opening clamshell with somewhat more spectacular design. This texter will surely come in handy to all those customers that enjoy the non-voice type of communication.

source: TmoNews

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