Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S5 starts receiving update to Android 6.0

Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S5 starts receiving update to Android 6.0
Sprint subscribers rockin' the Samsung Galaxy S5 should be happy. Their phone is in the process of receiving the update to Android 6.0. And that means that the device will receive Doze. For those of you who have been dozing, or dosing, this is a feature designed to increase battery life on your handset. This is accomplished by shutting down all apps running in the background once the device has been inactive for a spell.

Other new features include users being asked to approve or deny app permissions on a feature-by-feature basis, and Google Now On Tap. The latter uses the content on your screen to offer contextual search results. The new version of the software is G900PVPU3CPCA, and it includes the latest Google and Samsung Security patches and also kills bugs dead.

The update actually started rolling out yesterday and will be completed by May 19th. Boy, we'd hate to be the poor guy who has to wait over a month for the update when all of his pals have already installed it. Which brings us to the next point. Sprint wants you to know that the update is sent out in phases. We usually say "waves," but that word will suffice. This explains why some of you will be still rockin' Lollipop until next month. Sprint says that its customer care team has no idea when your phone will receive the update. In other words, do not call Sprint, crying that you're the only Galaxy S5 owner on the block without Android 6.0.

If it takes a while to receive the update, just keep in mind that Sprint hasn't forgotten about you. Besides, your phone will get the new build by May 19th.

source: Sprint via AndroidandMe

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