Sprint’s Katana LX now official

Sprint’s Katana LX now official
Although it is not the most interesting phone, the Katana LX has been talked about for a long time now. The rumors proved right, and this really is the successor of the Katana II, with similar functionality but refreshed, shinier design. There will be three color versions: blue, gray and pink. Similar to some high-class phones, below the reflecting surface on the front is hidden an OLED display, yet the phone is will be offered at an affordable price.

If you are a camera fan and have been holding your breath for an improvement? Sorry, the LX still has only a VGA resolution, though it is advertised for the external and internal shortcut – cool. Unlike the Pro-200 and the Pro-700 it isn’t QChat capable, but is also upcoming with Sprint. Availability, cost, and date are not yet revealed, but we guess it will come out on April 16 at a price that wouldn’t break the budget.

Sanyo Katana LX Specifications

source: Sanyo



1. j0esm00 unregistered

LOL I may be showing my age but this phone looks like the little walkie talkies they had on the old Star Trek when James Kerk was still captain of the enterprise. LOL Beam me up Scotty However that is a sleek design especially with the front plate desplay not being as noticiable as most of the phone screens

2. robbies143 unregistered

Sanyo makes a very good devise, they're dependable and releiable but they are also some of the uglest phones on the market

3. bird33 unregistered

I loved the sleek design of the phone, it looks much nicer than most. My main issues were the fact that the phone scratched so easily on the cover, the lights on either side of the number buttons tended to not come one when flipping the phone open, and the phone got so dirty from being handled.

4. unregistered

Clean it d(^_^)b

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