Sprint unveils the first battery-powered smart credit card that lets you get transaction texts

Everything is connected to the Internets these days, including your car, fridge, and oven, so why not your credit, debit or loyalty card? Yes, it's Sprint of all companies that just introduced a new smart programmable card that can be all of those and more, as it looks like your regular piece of plastic, but has modem chips, self-charging battery, and even a display!

This edition of CES is certainly the most interesting one in the last few years, and Sprint's connected credit card is here to prove it. Developed by Dynamics Inc., Sprint's so-called Wallet Card sports a programmable magnetic strip that can turn it into any type desired. It can also be blocked, the account erased, and a new number issued at the drop of a hat in fraudulent transaction scenarios. 

The coolest part - you are getting transaction messages right on the card, and can tap on the "not me" option if you have any suspicions. Now, the only thing left is for the participating banks to make Sprint's Wallet Card available to their clients some time later this year.

source: Sprint



1. aashis.sapkota

Posts: 85; Member since: Sep 27, 2015

Wow, IoT is getting bigger and better.

2. lyndon420

Posts: 6914; Member since: Jul 11, 2012

Self charging battery? Wouldn't mind more info on that!!

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