Sprint teams up with ABC's Extreme Makeover to prevent distracted driving

Sprint teams up with ABC's Extreme Makeover to prevent distracted driving

The distracted driving effort hasreceived a strong momentum first with a documentary launched by AT&T, then T-Mobile joinedwith the Drive Smart app and now Sprint's own Dan Hesse previewed aspecial two-hour edition of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,which will focus on the effects of distracted driving.

This initiative is all the more actualwith smartphones in every pocket urging us to take a look at a textor just check anything on the go. As convenient as touchscreensare for daily use, they require constant eye contact, whichcould lead to tragic consequences when driving. The episode shows allthe dangers of texting while driving, suffered by a Texas' familywhich tragically lost a teenage daughter.

The campaign against distracted drivinghowever is not something new – it has received public and mediasupport before as TV star Oprah Winfrey was one of the first to raise concern about the issue. Hopefully, with thatmuch support, public awareness will reach higher levels. Make sure totune in to the show airing 8pm EST on Saturday, Jan. 30.

source: Sprint(YouTube)



2. Dangerdave unregistered

How do you disable text (and other features) for the driver only? And while most people would agree that texting while driving is not a good idea; what about making phone calls? I believe the T-mobile system eliminates all services (except emergency calls) while driving for a $4.99 fee. This might be attractive for parents with teen drivers but just wait until your State makes it mandatory for all cell customers. I have a hands free system integrated with my car's audio system and I do not intend to give up the use of it without a fight.

3. Tim44 unregistered

I am happy to see that Sprint is concerned about distracted driver. I have been waiting since October, 2010 for them to release the update on my Samsung Epic4 so that I can use it hands free in my car rather than try to drive and make a call. Maybe they'll get in out before 2012.

4. greatmightymoosehunter

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 07, 2010

I think when a phone is travelling faster than like 15 mph all capabilities except emergency calls should automatically be disabled

5. JONHHY unregistered

I put phoneguard on my 2 teens phones and it works like a charm. phoneguard is the only app that is password protected.

6. Rick unregistered

Great to hear, too many families are affected by distracted driving, it breaks me heart every time I see another report of someone dying. I hope you don't mind bit I would like to plughttp://www.trinitynoble.com, its a website dedicated to prevent distracted driving. I hope that someone out there will see this and do what they need to do. Thanks!

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