T-Mobile's Drive Smart app for Android limits your phone's functions while driving

T-Mobile's Drive Smart app for Android limits your phone's functions while driving
As we continue to see some highly functional smartphones that are constantly connected, we also witness some of the horrors that arise when driving and using your phone come clashing together. We're all too aware about the horrific stories about the consequences of using your handset while operating a vehicle, but T-Mobile is doing their part in reducing those tendencies with their Android app.

The carrier announced the availability of the DriveSmart Plus app, which is the creation of Location Labs, that can be download on T-Mobile devices like the LG Optimus T; with more being supported down the road. Essentially, DriveSmart Plus is a subscription-based, opt-in service that will monitor when you're driving and place your smartphone into “Driving Mode.” Naturally, it'll disable specific functions like texting and calling while you're in motion in the car – which undoubtedly will keep you more focused on the road.

However, users can manually override “Driving Mode” in the event of an emergency or if you're simply a passenger in car. Furthermore, parents can monitor these override activities via text messages, email, or through the use of a web interface.

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1. Cell User unregistered

This seems like it wont accomplish anything.

2. Rawrzellers

Posts: 224; Member since: Aug 22, 2010

With many parents paying for their kid's phone bills well into their late 20s I think this will be a must have if you're dependent on your parents for your phone bill. Parents have the ultimate say so on what happens with your phone and if that means they can make sure you're not being a dumb ass and going 10mph on a 45mph street (true story that happened less then a week ago) then hell I'd force my kid if I had a kid to install that app.

3. sanpatrice

Posts: 1; Member since: Jan 24, 2011

This app has an override button so that a passenger can use the phone. ITS ON OFF BUTTON PEOPLE! What makes this any different from ZOOMSAFER ? looks the same to me . I think Zoomsafer has a US patent, so who is stepping on who is patent ? Will Location Labs be named alone in an infringement suit, or will T mobile be named also. The main thing here is that finally one of the lager providers is concerned about the dangers that texting and driving is having on our youth and I suppose really all drivers. I am not part of ZOOMSAFER in any way but have been keeping and eye on the issue of distracted driving for the last to years. There are others besides Zoomsafer, there is Stoptxting.com Cell control, and a few others. I look forward to the day when all providers put a "safety belt" on the phones.

4. CKB unregistered

I love my drivesmart app! I turn it on every time I get in the car. It sends an automatic text to anyone who calls or texts me, and tells them that I'm driving and I'll get back to them when I'm not driving anymore. I like it because when I turn my phone off, sometimes I will miss calls and texts from work that won't show up on my phone if it is turned off. It also doesn't make a sound when someone calls or texts, so you aren't tempted to check and see who just texted you. I love it and I'm very glad I have it on my phone!

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