Sprint Playbook reveals September launch date for HTC Holiday, $350 ETF and more

Sprint Playbook reveals September launch date for AT&T's HTC Holiday, $350 ETF and more
The latest Sprint Playbook was given the once over by Android Central and more than a few interesting tidbits were discovered. First, in a chart showing comparisons between Sprint's smartphones and those from the competition, Sprint compares its Samsung Epic 4G Touch, due out later this month, with a number of phones including AT&T's HTC Holiday. That would suggest that the marketing gurus at the nation's third largest carrier expect a September launch of the Holiday. Speaking of the HTC Holiday, a prototype is currently being offered on eBay where the top bid is currently $900. We would suggest waiting to bid on that unit since the finished retail model could be out this month.

We recently reported that a alleged Sprint employee had posted in a forum that the carrier would be raising the ETF for "advanced devices" to $350 starting September 9th. Score one for the tipsters as the Sprint Playbook confirms the information. The fee for upgrading will also change on September 9th, doubling from $18 to $36. Also, starting October 2nd the carrier is 86ing 1 year contracts. On the other hand, a new customer reward plan will start soon called Sprint Rewards Me PLUS. The program will let you buy a new handset every 6 months at the 2-year contract price. Without knowing more details of the program, it sounds like a dream come true for cell phone fanatics. The Playbook notes that details are coming VERY soon.

Finally, the Sprint Playbook tells us that the Kyocera Milano is coming to the carrier. With a form factor that somewhat resembles a Milano cookie, the phone will be driven by an 800MHz processor, offer a 3 inch screen, a 3.2MP camera and is powered by Android 2.3. A 2GB microSD card comes pre-installed as is the Swype virtual QWERTY. The handset will go for $49.99 with a 2-year contract. No launch date was shown.

So which story from the Sprint Playbook is your favorite?

source: AndroidCentral

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