Sprint HTC 8XT gets GDR3 update

Sprint HTC 8XT gets GDR3 update
The GDR 3 Windows Phone 8 update has started to rollout to the Sprint HTC 8XT. Listed on Sprint's Support Site for the model, software version 2.12.651.02 comes with improvements to streaming audio, accessibility improvements, and the GDR3 update from Microsoft. While the update allows manufacturers to build larger screened Windows Phone 8 models with resolution of 1080 x 1920, and power the phones with quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, it also brings some new features to existing Windows Phone 8 units.

For example, after the update, HTC 8XT users will be able to lock the orientation of the phone in portrait or landscape. Another feature included in GDR3 is Driving Mode. This keeps you alive by turning off talk and text connectivity while you are driving. A text written in advance can be set to automatically be sent out to those trying to reach you. In multitasking view, open apps can be closed by clicking on the "X" in the upper right corner. And the user can set certain tones to represent a text message, voicemail or a reminder.

One very thoughtful and ingenious idea allows those buying a new HTC 8XT to turn on Wi-Fi right out of the box.This capability will allow them to set up their phone without wasting any of that precious data that they spend their hard earned money on. Lastly, Microsoft has finally had the time to bake a fix for the Windows Phone 8 storage issue into the GDR3 pie. If you were unconscious this past spring and summer, you might have missed the story about Windows Phone 8 users who were shocked to find out that they had eaten through all of the native storage on their handset. It turned out that a bug was sending duplicate files of pictures that were destined for their cloud based storage app, to the "other" file in the phone's internal storage. The GDR3 update gives users the ability to see what is taking up storage space on their phone, and free up that space.
This is the first update for the HTC 8XT since the handset was launched back on July 19th of this year, and you should find it on your phone shortly.

source: Sprint via WPCentral

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