Specs for Nokia's MeeGo phone unearthed

Specs for Nokia's MeeGo phone unearthed
The most anticipated announcement on Nokia's part is its first MeeGo handset. The Nokia N9-00 with a physical keyboard is rumored DOA, and replaced with a touchscreen-only Nokia N9-01, which is to make a cameo at the MWC Expo this month. Nokia's new flagship should have an Intel Atom chipset, and a large display, as well as a similar camera to the great one on the Nokia N8.

Over at NokiaPort.de the observant Germans have unearthed the actual specs of the device from the MeeGo's source code, debugging reports and patch list. Now we have a pretty clear picture what the device might look like - we are looking at a screen with 480x854 pixel of resolution, probably over 4.1", a 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 1 GB RAM, graphics processor at 200MHz with 512MB dedicated memory, HDMI-out, NFC chip, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as a 21Mbps HSPA+ radio. Sounds like a well-rounded device to us, especially if the camera rumors materialize. The picture below is of an AAAVA concept reference design for a phone running MeeGo, powered by Intel's chipset. The Nokia MeeGo device may or may not look anything like that.

Nokia is holding a Strategy and Financial Briefing conference on February 11th in London, where the company said it will clarify the way forward. What we are most looking forward to there is for CEO Stephen Elop to present a clear and coherent strategy for Nokia's future. We want to know if he is still sticking with Anssi Vanjoki's vision for a hybrid Symbian/MeeGo future for Nokia, or he will change the course somehow. At least the MeeGo part seems to be staying the course.

source: NokiaPort.de via TechTree, AAVAMobile

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