Nokia N9 praised for its hardware, software not so cool yet

Nokia N9 praised for its hardware, software not so cool yet
Eldar Murtazin is a Russian tech blogger, after whom Nokia sent the authorities to collect a leaked N8 prototype. In an interesting take, he is currently playing with Nokia's next flagship phone, the N9, which is supposedly the first to run the new mobile OS MeeGo. The Nokia N9 is rumored to have a 4" screen, an 8MP camera and a front-facing camera, both with LED flashes.

Eldar describes the hardware as "near perfect", and that is something we can conclude for ourselves from the pictures - that chiclet keyboard on an aluminum sheet will surely feel great. However, it is MeeGo that interests us most, but, unfortunately, the software on the prototype is said to be "not so good at the moment". We aren't surpised, since MeeGo is still very much a work in progress, but Q1 of 2011 should have some moments in store for Nokia fans on that front.

His forum post says that in a few years the MeeGo UI will replace that of Symbian, but its core for low and midrange handsets will stay the same, most likely for compatibility's sake. Flagship Nseries phones like the N9, though, will be running full-blown MeeGo, inside and out. At least that was the original strategy, who knows what will happen at Nokia, with the new management and all.

Nokia N9 Preliminary Specifications

source: MobileReview

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