Sony Xperia XZ Premium price and release date

Sony Xperia XZ Premium price and release date
If you have been waiting for that elusive Galaxy S8 with the rumored 4K display, you will probably be in for a disappointment, as Samsung will most likely use a "regular" Quad HD resolution on the phone's display, preventing you from obtaining a better virtual reality experience. Another phone maker, however, issued a phone with a 4K display out of the blue, and that one is, surprise, surprise - Sony again. 

The first handset with 4K display resolution - the Xperia Z5 Premium, is now getting a successor, the XZ Premium. It comes not only with 4K resolution for the 5.5" LCD panel, but is also stuffed to the gills with other niceties like a top-shelf Snapdragon 835 chipset, HDR certification for the screen, and 64 GB of storage, as well as a new 19 MP sensor that can do amazing slow-motion tricks. 

Don't expect that puppy to be cheap when it ships this spring, though, but the good news is that the XZ Premium will have a US premiere, and the pricing for America will be announced soon, promises Sony. Given that the smaller Xperia XZs that was announced concurrently, will cost $699 when it lands April 5th, expect at least $799 for the XZ Premium.

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