Sony Xperia T compares some tasks with the iPhone 5

Sony Xperia T compares some tasks with the iPhone 5
For all its warts, the iPhone 5 is a very powerful device. Many of us that frequent technology sites can obsess over granular issues that shape our perspective on the technology we use. In our review of the iPhone 5, we lauded the design and overall performance while longing for a bit more in the overall user experience.

When it comes to many of these details we pay attention to, we are the minority in the grand scheme. What we see most of the time does not register one bit for most average consumers, including differences in common tasks that most people perform on their smartphones.

The Sony Xperia T is also a pretty impressive device. In our review of the Xperia T, what few gripes we had were not enough to prevent us from recommending it to those that were interested in it. While the 13MP camera does not break any new ground, the quality was excellent and its performance was fast.

What about other tasks? Well the folks at TechRadar decided to pit the Xperia T and the iPhone 5 against each other in three common tasks, boot-up time, web-page loading, and video streaming on YouTube. That said, the network based testing, page loading and YouTube stream was riding on their Wi-Fi, so it does not reflect carrier performance of the handsets. These are hardly scientific comparisons, but they look at casual performance from another angle. When looking at the timer, there are noticeable differences, but then again, in a real world environment, would the casual consumer notice?

source: TechRadar via Xperia Blog

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